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RDA CRDIG meeting at 254th ACS Meeting

The Chemistry Research Data Interest Group (CRDIG), comprising interested individuals across IUPAC, ACS-CINF, RSC-CICAG, GDCh-CIC, and the Research Data Alliance, invites you to join us for an open session at the ACS meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting will take place on Sunday, August 20, 5-6:00 pm in the Junior Ballroom I at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, immediately following the CINF Open Structures session.

Slides from the SLA 2015 Chemistry Division programs now available!

Slides for the SLA 2015 Chemistry Division programs, including the bi-society symposium on Lab Safety Information (co-hosted by SLA-DCHE and ACS-CINF), have kindly agreed to share their slides on our DCHE website. Please find their slides at . The session descriptions etc.

Invitation for proposals for a symposium at the March ACS National Meeting in Denver

The CINF Division of the ACS invites proposals for a symposium at the March 22-26 ACS National Meeting in Denver: Defining 'Value' in Scholarly Communications: Evolving Ways of Evaluating Impact on Science
DEADLINE: October 17, 2014

Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Issue in the Journal of Cheminformatics and Chemistry Central

Earlier this year we lost our colleague JC Bradley. To acknowledge and celebrate his work Andrew Lang and I will be guest editors for a Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Issue in the Journal of Cheminformatics and Chemistry Central. A more complete announcement is provided here:

We hope that some CINF members will be interested in contributing. Thank you.

Photos from ACS meeting in San Francisco

A total of 69 photos, in 4 sets, from the 2014 ACS San Francisco National Meeting have been added to the CINF Flickr site at Enjoy!

Webinar: ScienceOpen

Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Time: 11 am US/EDT

Title: ScienceOpen
Speakers: Dr. Stephanie Dawson

Slides (pdf)

View the presentation through AdobeConnect
Note: The original webinar recording was flawed due to technical difficulties. This is a re-recording of the same content.

Join CINF for dinner in San Francisco!

The Executive Committee of the ACS Division of Chemical Information would like to invite all CINF members to a hosted dinner at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.  The dinner will occur on Saturday, August 9, at 7:00PM at the Paragon Restaurant and Bar.  While this is a fully CINF-funded event, there is one catch: the purpose of the dinner is to allow CINF members, new and experienced, to become familiar with the current activities of one of more of our committees!  Come, sit down with your favorite committee, and learn what's going on, make suggestions for future activities, or eve

Fall 2014 Chemical Information Bulletin now available

The latest edition of the ACS Chemical Information Bulletin (Fall 2014, vol 66. Issue 3) has just been released.  This is the pre-conference issue. Thanks to all who helped with the CIB. Enjoy!

You may view the new CIB online here:

There is also a PDF version available here: