2000 Lucille M. Wert Scholarship Awarded to Susanne M. Hantos

The Division of Chemical Information of the American Chemical Society is pleased to award this year’s Lucille M. Wert Scholarship Award to Ms. Susanne M. Hantos. Ms. Hantos has an Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Guelph, a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ottawa, and is currently enrolled in the MLIS program at the University of Western Ontario. She has most recently been working as a Science Librarian at the Environment Canada Library in Downsview, Ontario. Her use of her strong chemical background in a chemical information career exemplifies the characteristics that the scholarship seeks to promote. Her employeer states, "Her outgoing and enthusiastic personality combined with her solid science knowledge has made her a great asset to our reference team".

The Scholarship award consisting of a $1000 grant and a certificate will be presented by Dr. Nancy Gleason, Department of Chemistry, Canisius College, at the Western New York ACS Local Section meeting on June 6, 2000 in Buffalo, NY.


In 1989, the Division established the annual Student Scholarship Award to recognize chemists pursuing graduate studies in information, library, or computer science, leading to a career in chemical information. The Award consists of a certificate and a $1000 stipend. It is usually presented at an ACS Local Section meeting in the vicinity of the recipient's residence or school. The award was renamed in 1996 to honor the late Lucille M. Wert.

Lucille was Professor Emeritus of Library Administration/Chemistry Librarian at the University of Illinois. She previously worked as a technical librarian at the University of Chicago, University of Iowa and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Joanne Witiak, CINF Awards Committee Chair
June 1, 2000


Susanne Hantos and Dr. Nancy R. Gleason, Secretary of the Western New York American Chemical Society


Susanne Hantos and Dr. Luis Colon, Chairman of the Western New York American Chemical Society