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2002 Herman Skolnik Award: In Memoriam - Peter Norton

The ACS Division of Chemical Information Herman Skolnik Award recognizing outstanding contributions to and achievements in the theory and practice of chemical information science will be presented at the Fall 2002 ACS meeting in Boston to Peter Norton. Mr. Norton is recognized for a career devoted to enhancing access to information via systematic indexing. He was responsible for the creation and original implementation of the Derwent Manual code, Fragmentation Code and Plasdoc Code systems. Later in his career he was a member of the team that created the Markush DARC topological indexing system used by the French Patent Office, INPI, and Derwent for the Merged Markush Service. In addition, Peter trained numerous information professionals on the use and underlying philosophy of the various Derwent coding systems. One information professional has described him as “a renaissance information professional, not only responsible for creation of an outstanding information system, but also in the progressive adaptation of and training for use of the system”. He was a mentor to an entire generation of industrial chemical information specialists on three continents. Please join us in congratulating Mr. Peter Norton for his pioneering work in the field of patent information retrieval.

Biography – Peter Norton

After graduating from Sheffield University with a B. Sc. Honours Chemistry, Peter took a job as a synthetic organic chemist at a pharmaceutical company. He soon gravitated to the technical information research department and found himself searching a new punchcard system for patent information. In 1963 Peter joined Derwent Publications limited where he immediately became involved with the design of retrieval systems. Throughout his tenure at Derwent, he enjoyed positions of increasing responsibility and became known to all who interacted with Derwent’s in-depth indexing. Since 1995 Peter has been enjoying retirement.

Joanne Witiak, CINF Awards Committee, Chair