2006 CINF Meritorious Service Award to Bonnie Lawlor

On behalf of the executive committee of the Chemical Information Division (CINF) of ACS, it gives me great pleasure to announce the co-recipients of the CINF Meritorious Service Award: Bonnie Lawlor and Joanne Witiak. Given to members with outstanding contributions to the division, this is only the fifth time this award has been given in the history of the division.

Bonnie’s contributions to the division started 30 years ago when she joined the program committee in 1976, then over the years with various positions including: activities in the long-range planning and membership committees; chair of nominations and publications committees; editor of CIB and CINF News; as well as activities in the executive committee with roles including: secretary, chair, and most recently as a councilor. Bonnie has also contributed directly to ACS in numerous board positions and task forces.

Joanne’s 20-year involvement with CINF began in 1986 when she was the co-chair of the Tri-Society Symposium; she worked in various committees including program, awards, and publications, as well as in the executive committee as chair-elect, chair, alternate councilor, and most recently as councilor. Joanne was the co-author of the first “CINF Salary Survey”, and she has also served as the business manager of CIB.

I would like to close with a quote from Val Metanomski, who was the first recipient of this award in 1992:

Bonnie and Joanne have been leaders of the Division for several decades, serving in top executive positions and in innumerable other assignments. They devoted hours of their time to the Division, in fact, they have been directly responsible for the current vibrant status of the Division and for the exemplary fulfillment of the Division's mission. Within the ACS governance, they represented the Division with utmost vigor, contributing enormously not only to the Division's high standing, but also to the advancement of the chemical information profession and of its practitioners”

During CINF committee meetings I specifically seek out Bonnie and Joanne’s input for difficult decisions, and have been able to benefit from their experience and wisdom. Bonnie and Joanne are exceptional assets to our division, and I am privileged to be working with them during my tenure as the chair.

Please join me in congratulating Bonnie and Joanne for this recognition.

Osman F, Güner, PhD
Principal, Turquoise Consulting

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