2009 CINF Meritorious Service Award to Eileen Shanbrom


On behalf of the Awards Committee of the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) of ACS I am delighted to congratulate Eileen Shanbrom as the recipient of the prestigious CINF Meritorious Service Award. This award is given to members who have made outstanding contributions to the division, and this is just the eighth time this award has been given in the history of the division. The announcement was made at the Executive Committee meeting at the Spring ACS meeting in Salt Lake City, and the award will be presented to Eileen at the CINF divisional luncheon at the 238th National ACS Meeting in Washington DC.

Eileen joined ACS as a chemistry student in 1967, and she has been a member of CINF since 1983. During her more than twenty five years of service to CINF, she has been active on committees, providing leadership and mentoring, and she has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction and vision for the division. Eileen was CINF Division Chair in 2006-2004 and served on the CINF Program Committee (2002-20033), the CINF Membership Committee (2006-2008), and the CINF Taskforce on Branding and Mission Statement (2007-2008).

While serving as CINF Chair in 2005, Eileen revised the CINF mission statement to reflect the expansion of the division's programs and memberships; and she wrote a division self-nomination for the ACS ChemLuminary Award, which was received for the first time in CINF history.

Eileen has also organized, chaired, co-authored and presented at a number of CINF symposia at the ACS national meetings, including “Expanding horizons of the STM information landscape” 8/27/2001, "Genomics gorilla....handling sequence overload" 8/22/2002, "Integration Continuum...different strokes for different folks" 8/18/2002, "New Developments in Electronic Publishing" 4/8/2002, "Fishing for the Right Scientific Information in the Information Sea" 9/8/03, and "Forging Leadership Pathways for Women in Science" 8/22/2004.

To quote one endorser of this award: "Eileen serves as an excellent role model for leadership – participating in candid discussions about difficult topics while maintaining a professional and courteous attitude"; and "Her commitment to CINF has been steadfast and inspiring."

Congratulations Eileen!

And just a reminder, the deadline for nominations for the 2010 award is March 1, 2010.

Phil McHale, ChairCINF Awards Committee

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