2011 CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

Guenter Grethe and Carmen Nitsche announce the Scholarship winners: Scott Johnson (left) and Matt Kayala (right)

At the Spring ACS Meeting in Anaheim, Accelrys, Inc. generously sponsored two CINF Scholarships for Scientific Excellence. Five applicants presented excellent posters of their work at Sunday's CINF Welcoming Reception, and after some difficult deliberations, the panel of judges selected the two winners. The winners were recognized at the Reception and received their $1000 scholarships at the CINF Luncheon on Tuesday.

The two recipients are Scott Johnson of UCLA, whose poster was on Re-examining the tubulin binding conformation of antitumor epothilones using QSAR and crystallographic refinement; and Matt Kayala of UC Irvine, who presented on Learning to Rank Productive Organic Mechanisms.

Thanks to Accelrys, Inc., and congratulations to Scott and Matt.

Up to three scholarships will be presented at the Fall ACS Meeting in Denver, kindly sponsored by FIZ CHEMIE Berlin.

Phil McHale, Chair, CINF Awards Committee

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