#219 - Executive Committee Minutes

ACS Division of Chemical Information
Executive Committee Meeting
Draft Minutes

Argent Hotel, Olympic Roon
San Francisco, CA
Saturday, March 25, 2000 1:01 PM to 4:17 PM

The Executive Committee was called to order by Chair Bill Town at 1:01 PM. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:

Grace Baysinger*, Andrew Berks*, Graham Douglas, David Flaxbart, Guenter Grethe, Charles Huber, Maggie Johnson*, Margaret Matthews*, Val Metanomski, Michael O'Hara*, Arleen Somerville*, William Town*, Andrea Twiss-Brooks*, Gary Wiggins*, Joan Witiak*

I. Review and Approval of Minutes from August, 1999 Meeting in New Orleans.

Baysinger moved to accept the minutes as written: Witiak seconded. Approved.

II. Treasurer's Report

Matthews sent the report by email as well as by mail to ACS. Expenses are over budget by $1800. Equipment rental at national meeting for LCD projectors is the primary reason. ChemWeb owes us some money so we would have been a little ahead last year. This payment will be shown next year. Dialog did not send what they owed. Town will contact them one more time but we may have to write them off due to all the changes with the company.

Baysinger commented on all the 96cent entries. Matthews explained that this is due to the new MSMoney program which does not have the same features as the old one.

Baysinger commented that we do not have the $2000 in the budget for the salary survey.

Grethe suggested that we must increase the allocation for LCDs at meetings. Matthews said they are now at least $6000 per year. The amount billed is different each time because each hotel bills differently. ACS gives 50% off for technical programs equipment. This year MDL loaned CINF the LCDs for the meeting so we will have no bill. Huber suggested considering the purchase of one. Town said it would cost a lot, we would have to ship it, and we would be responsible for security. Berks suggested that we might consider renting on at about $850 per week. There was some question if the hotels would allow. Matthews believed ACS shouldn't care. Again, the problem with renting is security of the equipment. Twiss-Brooks asked if we can continue to ask for sponsorship of the equipment rental. Town said yes so long as it is part of a support request.

Baysinger said that the printing has been done at ISI and wondered what the cost structure was. Are we getting a discount? We need to verify cost. Foreign postage has also gone up. The publications budget also doesn't include the cost of the membership directory.

Twiss-Brooks moved acceptance of the budget. Somerville seconded. Motion passed.

Town moved acceptance of the Treasurer's Report. Baysinger seconded. Motion passed.

III. Councilor's Report

Councilors Bonnie Lawlor and Gary Wiggins trade off making the reports.

From a slate of four nominees, Eli M. Pearce of the Polytechnic University

in Brooklyn and Glenn A. Crosby of Washington State University were selected

as the candidates for President-Elect in 2001 (succeeding to the Presidency in 2002).

Graduated dues for new members is on the council agenda. Questions concerning this issue are whendoes the 6 year count begin and is it a once in a lifetime chance.

Change from region to districts is in constitution.

Petition on meeting registration fees will be presented. Right now non-members outside of the US pay the same as a regular ACS member. The petition is to make them pay a surcharge. There has been lots of discussion on this and on students fees. Student fees will probably rise as carrying large numbers of students as members is a major expense.

These items will be voted on at fall meeting.

Baysinger asked if membership directories are on the agenda. They are not yet but sooner or later will make it to council. Somerville said the logistics of graduated fees are difficult but a good idea. Twiss-Brooks asked if it is a move to retain members. Wiggins states it would gain half a million dollars. Twiss-Brooks asked if they have looked at other organizations who have done the same. Wiggins said they probably have.

Baysinger asked about allotments from ACS to chapters vs. divisions. The way money is allocated will be discussed by council. DAC (Bonnie Lawlor) will bring it up. Grethe said that the divisions are underrepresented compared to the local sections given that the divisions do all the programming at national meetings. Wiggins said it is not on the agenda yet. O'Hara said there is a presidential task force to review the situation. Baysinger said money goes 80% to locals, 20% to divisions yet program is done by divisions.

IV. Committee Reports


Chair Val Metanomski has distributed his report electronically. He had thought his work was done but ACS has decided to celebrate the 125th birthday of the organization and wants every division to update A Century of Chemistry by Skolnik. Every division must update their chapter. Metanomski will update the history of the division but we need to find a volunteer to do the discipline part. Baysinger passed this action item on to Town. The deadline for the chapter update is June 30, 2000. The chapter must be approved by the executive committee. Baysinger asked if we could just update the history but Metanomski said we must do both. Wendy Warr and Stu Kalmback were suggested. Town will talk with Warr.

Another activity is to have historical links on the division web page. Twiss-Brooks is doing so. There is already the list of awards and symposia are being put up. Old symposia list is in the 1991 history but is not electronic. Baysinger thinks it is a good idea to include them on the page. Berks has a word document which he will update and send to Twiss-Brooks.

The Garfield Post-Doctoral Fellowship on the History of Scientific Information is continuing. Metanomski has pointed out to Garfield that CINF is very international.

Metanomski stated, "History is well and alive. We don't close the books."

Baysinger asked how we archive electronic documents. Do we send to the Chemical Heritage Foundation? Metanomski said the Foundation should be prepared for electronic archiving but they probably aren't yet. Send pages to him for now. He is in discussion with the Foundation. Baysinger asked if there were guidelines for what committees should send. A lot of different things may be of interest to different people. Metanomski said results (documents) are most important to send, not committee minutes. When in doubt, send to him. Questions on how large our web site can grow. Twiss-Brooks sees no foreseeable problem. When should we remove programs. Grethe suggested two years since they are published in paper. Town said they are useful to program chairs even though Grethe said that the abstracts are very vague. Baysinger emphasized that the web is not an archive.


Chair Joan Witiak reported that Bill Milne and Steve Heller will receive the Skolnik Award at the fall meeting. There is a July 1st deadline for nominations for the 2001 award. She will remind people of the deadline.

There were two qualified candidates for the Wert student scholarship to consider.

One nomination for the Meritorious Service Award has been received. The deadline for nominations is June 20. Town thought winners were to be decided by the spring meeting. Baysinger said it didn't have to be in the spring. Town asked how new draft got approved. Johnson said there was nothing in last meetings minutes. Baysinger thought we were setting a dangerous precedent. Items set up by executive committee should be changes by executive committee. The drafts for award were all set up after our meeting. Town asked if any member had problems with the current version of the award selection. He noted that the procedure manual should reflect what our current practice is. Witiak read the current draft. The major change is that the award may be given to more than one person in one year and that it doesn't have to be given at all. Baysinger asked if the award committee made the decision. Witiak reported that they do and the vote can be taken at any time. Baysinger noted that the people eligible for the award has also been broadened. Witiak asked for a motion to approve the award process as posted on the web site. Somerville moved and Baysinger seconded. Approved. O'Hara asked if we were going to choose Meritorious Service Award winners this year under the old or the new rules. It was decided we would do it under the new guidelines.

General concern that we are not keeping track of our procedures very well. Secretary will be as prompt as possible in distributing minutes. Johnson will also to an action spreadsheet to help us keep track of who is to do what.

The Paterson-Crane Award is given by the Dayton and Columbus sections of ACS. CINF participates in the selection of the winner.

Baysinger has given Witiak a list of what Skolnik Award winner has to do and can do. Witiak will write a report from this. Grethe is pushing to have Skolnik Award made an ACS award. This requires a five year commitment from a sponsor of $12,000 per year. Grethe asked committee approval to continue his search for a sponsor. Metanomski asked if this takes control of the award away from the division. We would still provide the supporting materials and our recommendation. Witiak expressed concern at how much control we would give up. Baysinger asked if the name of the award would change. It would not. The executive committee decided to have Grethe continue his activities and return to the executive committee for approval if he does find a sponsor. Baysinger asked how long the process might take. Grethe did not believe it could happen by 2001. Matthews emphasized that the division has no money to contribute so a sponsor must be found for the whole amount.


Twiss-Brooks reported that Phil Barnett at NYU will be the chair. He is looking for an assistant chair. Bruce Slutsky will be coordinating a symposium on careers at the Washington D.C. meeting.


Chair Gary Wiggins reported that there were a lot of new faces at the Education Committee meeting which is a very healthy sign. Not only were there academic representatives but also some from industry.

Bartow Culp, Adrienne Koslowski, and Maggie Johnson will be doing the Teaching Chemical Informtion Seminar at the BCCE in Michigan this summer. There are also plans to do it at the Western Regional meeting in 2001.

Wiggins is working on an NSF grant for the committee. The deadline for application is April 14,2000.

The committee plans to collect problem sets for Beilstein.

The committee had been academic centered and would like to broaden out to serve high school teachers, chemical technicians, and bench chemists.

The Chemistry for Non-Chemists workshops given at Special Libraries Association by Culp and Roth are extremely popular and will be made into a new CINF workshop like the Teaching Chemical Information workshop.

Kitty Porter will update Carol Carr's bibliography

Somerville gave a report on CPT. She urged committee members to attend their open meetings.

Grethe reported on NCLIS. Rob McFarland will be our representative.

Porter is the asst. chair of the Education Committee. She will become chair next January.


Chair Michael O'Hara reported that Ann Bolek is asst. chair and will become chair.

O'Hara is concerned that our membership data is not in very good shape and that we do not get reports from ACS in a timeline manner. Johnson will bring up at DOC Secretary's Meeting.

The division can recognize emeritus members. O'Hara will send them a letter inviting them to stay CINF members. Somerville said they must be ACS members for 30 years to qualify as emeritus. Grethe asked if they could be retired ACS members, not pay CINF dues, and stay affiliates to CINF.

O'Hara will start recognizing long term CINF members. This is a new initiative of ACS. CINF has 1355 members as of December, 1999. 465 have joined since 1996.

Instead of a membership desk sign up we have a new display. Witiak said we can sit the membership desk if we like. She wrote CINF on all the application forms because the division gets $15 for each one submitted.

Baysinger asked if we can combine the membership survey with the salary survey. Also, there is the question of the opt-in question for the membership directory. General consensus was that ACS should handle this on the membership form. O'Hara stated we need to find out what ACS will be doing with directories. He though we had decided not to combine the surveys at a previous meeting. O'Hara said that the list of delinquent and resigned members is not complete. He must refer to previous rosters. He has been requesting this information from ACS for a number of years. He senses we do lose our freebie members.


Chair Andy Berks reported that his committee had a very good meeting. For the Washington meeting they have 14 1/2 day sessions. In Washington D.C. the Presidential event is going to be on electronic publishing. We shouldn't conflict too much with our schedule on careers, toxicology, internet, high-thru put screening, government information sources, and electronic notebooks. April 17,2000 is the deadline to submit abstracts. After that date submit them to Berks.

Berks has a request from Publications for a report on CINF news. He will be in contact with coordinators of symposia for Washington D.C. for reports.

For the SanDiego meeting Berks has 12 1/2 day sessions so far. There will be a biotech symposia.

NCIS, June 24, 2001, will be held at Colby College in Maine. Jorge Manrique from Cambridge Software is organizing.

For Chicago in Fall, 2001 eight symposium have been proposed. Berks would like to have the careers symposia there also. Grethe would like to have a symposia with small business in Chicago but may do it in Boston.

The Orlando and Boston meetings are shaping up.

The committee needs more members. Many current attendees and contributors are ad hoc.

Grethe is coordinating the program at Pacifichem in Honolulu in December, 2000. There are 3 1/2 day sessions. He has 12 invited speakers. The division is sponsoring and Pacifichem gives excess revenue to division for reimbursements. Grethe asked for an advance to assist speakers in their travel plans. If money is repaid by Pacifichem he guaranteed he would raise it. O'Hara moved we advance up to $2500 in travel money. Witiak seconded. Approved. Grethe is also trying to raise money for a reception at Pacifichem.

Berks will bring up the LCD issue at the program chairs meeting. Network access is another issue. The price was $120 for a phone line and $295 for a T1 line. Mathews asked that we budget for these expenses. Berks said to budget for 2 1/2 days at each meeting. Right now ACS provides overhead projectors, 35mm slide projectors, a light pointer, and a microphone. LCD/Computer package should become the new standard.


Baysinger reported for Chair Bruce Slutsky. The new editor of the Bulletin in David Flaxbart. Keryn Brandt will be the asst. editor. Graham Douglas is the business manager. Twiss-Brooks continues as web diva. There is a need for a new asst. chair to replace Carol Carr. Bartow Culp is still subscription manager but this may fold into the business manager position. Pat O'Neill will do the salary survey.

There is a need for an editorial policy. If a company does not advertise in the bulletin we will not let them send product announcements in the electronic newsletter. The companies have money to pay. Should we remove the ads for ACD and Biorad. Consensus was no, we've already published.

If less than 50% of the members give permission to print info, should we bother to do a membership directory? Don't need to decide now.

Pat O'Neill will do a mock up of the salary survey, get executive committee approval, and run a sample.

The business manager and CIB editor will give financial information to the chair of publications. This will be put in the division time line.

Witiak asked if we should leave up the membership data we have on the web. Decided we should take it down except for the functionaries list. Appropriate people will receive membership spreadsheet by email.

Twiss-Brooks reported that the contract from ACS regarding their hosting a web page is very objectionable and she would not sign. The division now has an url (www.acs-cinf.org) which redirects to the CINF home page. It was suggested that we should have division business cards made with the url. Bryan Vickery will take over e-journal mark up. She would continue to like to have web versions of ACS presentations. They can link from CINF to your site.

Flaxbart suggested that we raise advertising rates. Executive committee will consider proposal at fall meeting.

There is some problem with advertisers who paid for advertising in unpublished directory and what is included in year long advertising package. Douglas will see if directory advertisers will redirect to Bulletin.

Strategic Planning:

The mission statement is in the Bulletin. Baysinger proposed adoption of it. Twiss-Brooks seconded. Approved. Twiss-Brooks will remove the word draft from the web page.

We really need to work on the membership survey. Grethe, Johnson, and Berks will help Town. The survey would like to find out what members want and expect from the division.

Next meeting will have long range planning meeting.


Baysinger announced that we are ready to send the by-laws out to a vote by membership. We just need the majority of the people who vote to have them approve. Ann Bolek has agreed to be the CINF teller. Johnson will have labels printed after Baysinger decides best way to have ballot printed and mailed. Baysinger will draft cover and ballot. The ballot envelope is provided by ACS. Committee decided to mail ballot first class.


Twiss-Brooks reported $9500 has been raised for Saturday's reception in SanFrancisco and $4500 for the Skolnik reception. MDL has contributed $2250 in LCD projector costs. We received $2000 from ACS Corp. Associates grants. Twiss-Brooks and Grethe will coordinate fundraising activities. She has already begun for the fall meeting.

SLA Liaison:

Charles Huber reported that since SLA meets only once a year he will have a report in the fall. Roth and Culp will be giving their popular Chemistry for Non-Chemists workshop once again.

V. New Business

O'Hara reported a discrepancy in student dues. In the by-laws and our publications. We need to change in by-laws to at least $2 but we will keep at $2 for the time being.

Town requested nominations for division officers be given to Baysinger by April 1, 2000.

VI. Adjournment

Baysinger moved we adjorn. Wiggins seconded. Approved. Adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Maggie Johnson
Secretary, ACS Division of Chemical Information
Voice 859-257-5954
Fax 859-257-5954
E-mail mjohnson@pop.uky.edu

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