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#220 - Approved Minutes

ACS Division of Chemical Information

Executive Committee Meeting

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Burnham Room

Washington, DC

Saturday, August 19, 2000  1:04 PM to 4:10 PM

The Executive Committee was called to order by Chair Bill Town at 1:04 PM.  Those present for all or part of the meeting were:

Phil Barnett
Grace Baysinger*
Andrew Berks*
Ann Bolek
Graham Douglas
Guenter Grethe
Charles Huber
Maggie Johnson*
Margaret Matthews*
Michael O'Hara*
Patricia O'Neill
Arleen Somerville*
William Town*
Andrea Twiss-Brooks*
Gary Wiggins*
Joanne Witiak*

I. Review and Approval of Minutes from March, 2000 meeting in San Francisco

Witiak's first name was misspelled in the minutes.  It should be Joanne instead of Joan.  Phil Barnett is at City College of New York, not NYU.  Somerville moved acceptance of the minutes as corrected.  Twiss-Brooks seconded.  Motion carried.

II. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Matthews reported that she had not yet received the bills from the Spring ACS meeting.  This makes it rather difficult to plan since she must deal with 2 year's worth of budgets.  Grethe and Johnson will support Matthews is reporting this to DAC.

Twiss-Brooks reported that the CINF brochure needs to be reprinted and that we need money in the budget for the salary survey and the membership survey.

Matthews will map treasurer's report to an Excel spreadhseet to help the chair-elect in budget planning.  The service awards will be listed differently to better show what is administrative and what is actual award.

Town said that the amounts of income/expense for social events were not realistic.  Twiss-Brooks had used placeholders since she did not yet have an estimate.  Discussion on how realistic we needed figures to be.  Consensus was for as real as possible because our meetings are very expensive and we need to reflect this.  Town said the Welcome Reception has income of $5000 from SciQuest and ChemWeb will donate the balance.  The total cost of Sunday is $14,000.  The Skolnik Reception is about $7000.  CINF has about $18,500 in contributions apart from ChemWeb.

There is the issue of sponsors not delivering upon promised money.  Sigma-Aldrich has not yet paid for the last meeting and Dialog has not paid for last year.

Twiss-Brooks has been asked to provide invoices to vendors which she did.  They need invoices for an audit trail.  Berks suggestion that the word invoice be place prominently at the top of the invoice.

Berks is concerned that our estimate for equipment needed at meetings is low.  It needs to be increased to $6000.

Twiss-Brooks will revise budget and send to executive committee.

Witiak moved we accept preliminary budget as revised.  Somerville seconded.  Motion carried.

III.Councilor's Report

Wiggins reports that Lawlor had sent out a report.  The Council is considering an increase in the number of members on standing committees to a maximum of 24 and a minimum of 12 in order to give more opportunities to participate.  The Executive Committee thought this was fine.

The Committee also agreed that the change in terminology from Region to District was also fine with us as well as the change regarding foreign non-member registration.

There is a subgroup of the publications committee which is dealing with copyright concerns.  Baysinger will serve and be the liaison to the Division.

The San Francisco exhibition schedule was aberrant because of the move of the convention from Las Vegas on short notice.

There will be more discussion on how to get more money to come to Divisions.  Divisions do most of the work in programming for the conventions.

IV. Committee Reports


Metanomski sent a report by email.

For the Century of Chemistry Metanomski wrote the history of the Division and Wendy Warr wrote the chronology of chemical information.  The essays were approved by Town and have been submitted.

Metanomski has been invited to participate in advisory capacity in the new Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) historical project on "Internationalizing Scientific and Technical Information", to be culminated with a conference in 2002. This is a project of the second Garfield Fellow, Dr. W. Boyd Wayward, and is a continuation of a previous Garfield Fellowship project which ended with a very successful conference on the "History and Heritage of Science Information Systems" in Pittsburgh in October 1998.

Once again the question of archiving electronic information was discussed.  When in doubt consult with Metanomski.


Chair Joanne Witiak reported that Susanne Hantos, University of Western Ontario, is the recipient of the  Lucille Wert Student Scholarship.  The meritorious service award goes to Patricia Rosso.  Geunter Grethe will be the recipient of the Skolnik Award for 2001.

If you have any questions about awards or have possible nominees send them to Witiak.

The procedures manual for awards will be updated.


Phil Barnett reported that the committee plans to hold the Careers in Chemical Information seminar about every eighteen months at a national meeting. The program committee had been thinking it ought to be help once a year.  Barnett will make suggestions for a person from Careers to work with the Program Committee for next year. They will try to get local speakers for the meetings.  Grethe suggested that it be presented at ACS regional meetings.

A mentoring program is being investigated.

Barnett would like to set up a Clearinghouse on Chemical Information Careers with material about careers.  It would include meetings, literature references, ACS materials, etc.  ACS Career Services is a possible partner in this venture.   Barnett will contact ACS Career Services.  Where the web site is located is much less important than the content.

The Careers Committee needs recruits.  Baysinger suggested announcing at our receptions and Barnett plans to put out on the listserv. 

Constitution and By-Laws:

Robert E. Stobaugh sent out a brief report of the committee's work.

We have new by-laws!!!  Ann Bolek, Teller, reported the election results.

Chair-Elect: Andy Berks
Treasurer: Marge Matthews (re-elected)
Councilor: Bonnie Lawlor (re-elected)
Alternate Councilor: Mike O'Hara

Bylaws Amendments passed with 267 votes in favor and 10 votes against.


Wiggins reported that the Education Committee has five new members out of thirteen.  This is a healthy sign for the committee.

The BCCE workshop went quite well.  It was one of the first to fill.  The facilities could have been better but the participation was good.  There are 17 registered for the ACS workshop this meeting.  The workshop will probably be done at the NW and Western Regional meetings and at ACS Chicago to achieve some geographic distribution.

Somerville is stepping down as the CINF Education Committee liaison to the CPT. Rob cFarland and Bartow Culp will now represent CINF.

Kitty Porter will be the new chair of the Education Committee for the period


Kitty Porter from Vanderbilt is the new ACS chair.


O'Hara had sent out a written committee report.  Our membership is stable.

He does not send the password to people who have not paid their dues.

He is receiving requests for retired and emeritus status.  He has written a short article for the newsletter regarding this option.
Ann Bolek will be taking over as membership chair.

The membership list is only for internal use by appropriate people.

The problems with not having a current membership directory and the ACS guidelines were again discussed.  Baysinger has a 100 page Word documents that would be of use to the Executive Committee.  


Bob Snyder will be the chair of Program Committee next year.  Osman Guner will be the assistant chair.

Both the San Diego and Chicago programs are shaping up nicely. The Committee is trying to do some programming for regional meetings.

Berks will set up a display at the ChemLunimary Awards on Tuesday.

Grethe is coordinating the program at Pacific Chem.  He has also received donations for a CINF reception there.  At the San Diego meeting he is organizing a biotech symposium.

NCIS is June 24, 2001 at Colby College.

The Executive Committee formally thanks Berks for his excellent work as Program Chair.


Slutsky reported that the printed CIB needs a cover redesign.  The ads didn't print well because they were bitmapped.  The committee has thought of doing a pdf version for members.

O'Neill reported that the salary survey will be mailed in October.  She hopes to publish the data in Spring, 2001.  It should cost somewhere from $30-$50.

We must use the opt-in option for publication in the membership directory.

Graham Douglas suggested an ad pricing change from $275 to $350 and $45 to $50 for business cards.  Slutsky moved we accept the change.  Johnson seconded.  The motion carried.

CINF E-News published three issues last year.  They plan to regularly do two a year with a third one optional.  September 15th is the next deadline.  The newsletter will only accept press releases from organizations who have sponsored CINF events in the past three years (and sent their contributions) or those who advertise in the bulletin.  The committee needs to ensure a print copy of the bulletin is sent to the archivist.   The editor is trying to tie the newsletter to meeting reports and has thought of sending notes to advertisers regarding the newsletter.  Supporters could link from their web site to the newsletter.


Twiss-Brooks reported that the web site is moving along.  She is working on moving it to ACS in order to utilize their support services.  Traffic at the site has been steady.

Strategic Planning:

In general discussion it was noted that we need to do more on strategic planning than two hours a meeting.  We need a leader to give the planning structure and a small working group.  The groups also needs a good facilitator.   Should a small group have such a large role?  An issue in planning is how to groom new members to take leadership roles.  Baysinger stated there were goals three years ago.  Grethe volunteered to facilitate this project.  There needs to be more than email, though that will be a primary means of communication.  Perhaps threaded email software is an option.  Town will investigate.  Baysinger and Town will set up the small group and will aim to have some real discussions before the next meeting.  Peter F. Rusch is a possible member.


Twiss-Brooks reported about a dozen sponsors have contributed to CINF events.  They are listed on the web page.  We have signs and slides for all of them.  Grants from corporations might cover the costs of lcd displays for the meetings.

SLA Liaison:

Charles Huber reported that the Tri-Symposium will be in 2002 at Los Angeles.

V. Announcements

It was suggested that we review the by-laws every two years.  We need to change the $2 student dues.  Other by-law change suggestions should be sent to Stobaugh.  He will also send out a call for by-law changes.  He is also looking for volunteers for the committee.

Baysinger suggested that a biographical directory and and obituary directory might be a good idea.  Perhaps ACS could help to put this info on the web.

Peter Rusch sent a copy of a letter on what the Documentation Abstracts Board plans to do with the money left after dissolution.  DAB has decided to give to CLIR - Council on Library and Information Research.  Do they have the legal right to do this without our consent?  Town will check on this with Rusch.

VI. New Business

There was no new business.

VII. Adjournment

Witiak moved we adjourn.  Baysinger seconded.  Approved.  Adjourned at 4:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Johnson
Secretary, ACS Division of Chemical Information
Voice 859-257-5954
Fax 859-257-5954