#221 - Approved Minutes

ACS Division of Chemical Information

Executive Committee Meeting

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, CA

Saturday, March 31, 2001  1:14 PM to 4:45 PM

Chair Andrea Twiss-Brooks called the Executive Committee to order at 1:14 pm. Those present for all or part of the meeting are as follows. Asterisk designates voting member. Committee reports and informational materials had been sent to the Executive Committee by Twiss-Brooks prior to the meeting.

Andrew Berks*
Ann Bolek*
Graham Douglas
Gunther Grethe
Maggie Johnson*
Edward King
Svetlana Korolev
Bonnie Lawlor*
Margaret Matthews*
Val Metamnowski
Michael O’Hara*
Kitty Porter
Robert Snyder
William Town *
Andrea Twiss-Brooks*
Joanne Witiak*

Review and Approval of Minutes from August 19, 2000 meeting in Washington, D.C.

In the minutes NCIS was mis-typed NVIS. Meritorious Service Award winner’s name is Rosso, not Russo. Lawlor moved the minutes as amended be accepted. Town seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Matthews had sent materials to Executive Committee, including an Excel Spreadsheet. The Division does not really have the positive cash flow shown because the donations for PacifiChem have been recorded but the expenses have not yet been received. We may get some money back from PacifiChem because the meeting was profitable. We also still owe money for the fall ACS meeting division luncheon. Having LCDs provided at technical sessions has been good for our finances. This program is expected to continue. The extra cost of mailing the by-laws ballot was an unbudgeted expense.

Councilor’s Report

Lawlor reported that the dues escalator provision would probably be the most contentious item at Council. Increasing the number of members on standing committees may be a problem because it is an increased expense. Also, if committees become larger they may become hard to manage and less efficient. Another issue before Council is changing the membership guidelines to make it easier for chemical technicians to join ACS. There is a Presidential Task Force on Society Support to Divisions and Local Sections. This matter is not an issue before Council and will probably go to Budget and Finance Committee. Berks moved to instruct Councilors to vote against increasing the number of members of committees. Bolek seconded. Passed unanimously with 2 abstentions. (Councilors abstain on votes instructing Councilors.) Berks suggested the decision be made on a committee by committee basis. Berks moved to approve the change in membership guidelines. Witiak seconded. Passed unanimously with 2 abstentions. Berks moved to instruct Councilors to vote for the dues increase. Witiak seconded. Vote was six yeas, one no, and 2 abstentions.

Committee Reports


Metanomski reported that CINF submitted our update to the ACS 125th anniversary book on time last year. Half of the Divisions have NOT yet submitted their information so the volume will probably not be published until the end of the year. Metanomski had a guest editorial in JCICS on the Skolnik Award. Metanomski reported that esteemed CINF Division members Anne Bachman and Kurt Loening passed away last year.


Witiak reported that the committee had four excellent nominees for the Lucille Werth award. Phillip Edwards from SUNY-Buffalo is the winner. He will be sent a free one-year membership package. The deadline for Skolnik award nominations is July 1st. The deadline for Meritorious Service award nominations is June 1st. Witiak reported that the Awards Committee needs some new members since three current members have terms that are expiring. Please give her suggestions for new members.


There were no action items for the committee. Phil Barnett will be at the Chicago meeting.


Porter reported that the "How to Teach Chemical Information workshop will be presented at the Northwest Regional meetings and perhaps at NCIS and the ACS-Chicago. Education Committee has been asked by Program Committee to do a program at each ACS meeting. Rob McFarlen and Bartow Culp will represent the plight of the small schools to CPT.


Bolek reported that the opt-in form for the membership directory will be at the CINF table and at the reception. She had only received twelve forms prior to the meeting. What is the minimum needed to publish a directory? Bolek suggested the form be printed in CIB each issue. Bolek moved that CINF publish the directory in CIB no matter what the number of forms received. Town seconded. The motion carried unanimously. Bolek suggested that CINF take advantage of the free brochure ACS will print for divisions. Town spoke about the dues form which is due to ACS this month. He suggested that CINF add an additional charge for foreign postage and that the dues stay the same for all categories except student. Student dues would go to $2 as stated in CINF bylaws. Town suggested that we continue participation in the one free division for one year given to new members and the new program which gives a free division for a year to those members no currently in a division. Town moved to accept the membership dues form. Bolek seconded. There was discussion. Where is the postage money listed in the budget? CINF needs to make sure we raise the rate to cover the expense. Grethe said that some foreigners may not want to pay for postage. It was decided it would be too difficult to give an opt-out of postage choice. Lawlor asked when dues were last changed. Perhaps CINF needs to evaluate dues in general, not just postage. Town asked if dues were a significant portion of CINF income. They are approximately $12,000 our of a $75,000 budget. Lawlor asked why should US dues support foreign postage. We need to just bite the bullet and charge for postage. The dues form with a postage increase for all categories except emeritus carried unanimously. We will also add the retired category to the form. Overall CINF has had a membership gain. The numbers will be more accurate when the upaids are dropped.

Nominating Committee

Town reported that Chuck Huber and Pamela Scott have been nominated for Chair-Elect. Maggie Johnson will decide in the next two weeks if she will stand again for Secretary. Town needs another nominee for Secretary. Please give him suggestions immediately. Johnson will send an email requesting biographical information for the ballot.

Program Chair

Snyder reported that the planning for ACS meetings is going well. They have 14 half days for Chicago, 18 for Orlando, and 16 for Boston. They are trying to program at local meetings. A report on NCIS will be given later in the meeting.


Graham Douglas reported for Chair Bruce Slutsky. The salary survey is being compiled. 2400 questionnaires were sent. 400 replies were received. The cost was $1500. The pre-publication cost of the survey is $35.00. O’Hara suggested that the bylaws committee looked at removing from the bylaws the part that says the Chair of the Division coordinates the salary survey. Items like that should be in the procedures manual. CIB revenue is up and should meet targets. The Publications Committee requested the option of printing color advertisements for a surcharge of $400. Johnson so moved. Town seconded. The motion carried unanimously. The committee was unable to get a periodical mailing permit because there are only two issues a year. Witiak moved and Town seconded that the subscription rate for foreign subscriptions should be increased to $40 to cover postage. The motion carried unanimously. If any member has contributions for CINF E-News please send the items to Slutsky.

Strategic Planning

Town investigated e-groups as a way of strategic planning but thinks it will not work. Participants would get spammed. He is now investigating a structured virtual meeting. Johnson suggested this might be a possible grant opportunity from ACS/DOC.


CINF has just changed our student dues to reflect the bylaws. A small group will be set up to take procedures out of bylaws and put them in procedures manual.


Berks suggested CINF needs a fundraising group, not a new fundraiser each year. This would give CINF some continuity. Grethe was opposed to a committee because there is no single person responsible. CINF had a fundraising committee which didn’t work out. The need for a fundraising coordinator will be discussed at the fall meeting. There was discussion on designing sponsorship levels. This will also be discussed more fully at the next meeting. It was decided by consensus that after the receptions are sponsored it is appropriate to ask for money to support technical sessions and symposia.

SLA Liaison

Dana Roth will handle the paperwork for the Tri-Society meeting.

New Business

CELL Division Name Change

Berk moved and Town seconded that CINF accept the name change. Motion carried unanimously.

Discussion on Task Force Report on Local Section and Division Funding

Town suggested CINF write a letter to President Pavlath. Berks moved CINF immediately send a letter supporting the dissenting report with a copy to Frank Blum. Town seconded. Vote was 8 for, one against.

DOTC Attendance Policy

If the Division funds CINF can send up to four to DOTC. ACS would absorb cost of hotel and food so the Division would only have to pay transportation. There was discussion that we always need to send the Chair-Elect and should send Membership, Treasurer, and Secretary if possible. Twiss-Brooks will discuss to DOC.


Twiss-Brooks will be meeting with the ACS web people about hosting our site. The issues are being resolved and since ACS requires that membership directories must be hosted on the ACS web this may be a good time to move. However, they are not at present offering enough disk space.


Jorge Manrique reported on program and financial plans for NCIS June 24-28, 2000. Witiak moved and Berks seconded that the Executive Committee should accept his report and proceed with the conference. The motion passed unanimously. Jorge is planning on 60 attendees. It is highly unlikely the Division will lose money and a good chance the Division will make money on this symposium. The web page for the conference is www.chemweb.com/conference/ncis2001.


Town moved and Witiak seconded that the Executive Committee adjourn. The motion passed unanimously. The Executive Committee adjourned at 4:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Johnson
Secretary, ACS Division of Chemical Information
Voice 859-257-5954
Fax 859-257-4074
E-mail mjohnson@pop.uky.edu

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