#224 - Approved Minutes

American Chemical Society’s Division of Chemical Information (CINF)
Executive Committee Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, August 17, 2002 at the Hynes Convention Center
~1 – 4:40 pm

Chair Andrew Berks called the Executive Committee meeting to order at 1:00 pm. Agendas were available during the meeting. Those present for all or part of the meeting were as follows:

Executive Committee Voting Members

Dr. Andrew H. Berks, Chair
Mr. Chuck Huber, Chair Elect
Ms. Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Past Chair
Ms. Susan K. Cardinal, Secretary
Ms. Marge Matthews, Treasurer
Dr. Gary Wiggins, Councilor
Ms. Bonnie Lawlor, Councilor
Ms. Joanne Witiak, Alternate Councilor and Awards Chair
Dr. Robert W. Snyder, Program Chair
Ms. Ann Bolek, Membership Chair
Committee Chairs and Visitors
Ms. Kitty Porter, Education Chair
Ms. Leah Solla, Assistant Education Chair
Mr. Bruce Slutsky, Publication Chair
Mr. Graham C. Douglas, Business Manager
Mr. Bill Town, Assistant Awards Chair
Ms. Grace Baysinger, Former Executive Committee Chair
Ms. Pamela Scott, Incoming Chair Elect
Dr. Guenter Grethe, Secretary General, BTEC & Fundraising Chair
Mr. Osman Gunner, Program Assistant Chair
Ms. Ibironke Lawal, ASEE-ELD liason

1. Introductions (Andy Berks):   

An agenda item was added called “new appointments” at the end of the Division Business.

 Approval of minutes from Fall 2001 & Spring 2002 Executive Committee Meetings

· Fall 2001 meeting minutes were approved after an approval motion and second. The vote was unanimous.

· The Spring 2002 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes will be approved after the following amendments are made:

Salary Survey (Grace Baysinger): The survey was reviewed by both Carol Carr and Grace Baysinger. There was no delay in the review process.  Carol and Grace supplied comments on the language and write up of the survey.  

The pro/ con format was easy to read.

2.Division Business

Petition to increase funding for divisions (Council initiative, Bonnie Lawlor)
History:  There was a draft petition to change the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society to increase financial support (~1 Million dollars) for divisions and local sections.  This was under consideration at the Orlando meeting. There were two main concerns about the petition: decreases in investments of ACS and how money would be allocated or monitored.  A task force was formed to discuss with members and they returned with the recommendation to withdraw the current petition and prepare a revised petition for Boston.  With only 3 weeks to do this, a revised petition was proposed but it was flawed because it didn’t address previous concerns and gave local sections a higher percentage of funding.  Money was split 55% to local sections and 45% to the divisions.  The decision was made to either both modify it and pass it, or start over.  Meanwhile a third petition was drafted.  Budget and Finance Committee voted against the second petition but not against the concept.  They agreed that the Society needed to act fast to help struggling divisions and local sections.  If the third petition failed, they suggested two programs be created and run in parallel.  One program would address the immediate needs with interim funding.  The other program would address long term goals.  

Bonnie feels that funding will come in some form or another. It is too early to tell how this might affect us.  Petition might not be the only way for change.  A pool of money may be set aside – seed money for new programs.  This may be tied with the annual review process where divisions or sections describe what they would like to do and how much funding they would need.  The DAC might set priorities.  We received funds from a grant to do our membership survey.  This may be a more formal process of this.  Funding requests might work well for us.  Bonnie will keep us informed and we can discuss and offer opinions.  To read more see Frank Blum’s web site at http://web.umr.edu/~fblum/acs/bylaws.info.html  

Election Results (Sue Cardinal)
The following people have been elected:

Chair-Elect: Pamela Scott
Treasurer: Marge Matthews
Alternate Councilor (to replace Mike O'Hara): Grace Baysinger
Councilor: Joanne Witiak

Alternate Councilor: Andy Berks

Bylaw Amendment regarding increasing minimum amount of student dues passed.

NCIS 2003 (Guenter Grethe)
In light of the lack of interest, there won’t be a 2003 NCIS.   CINF membership was surveyed this summer about NCIS. There were only 21 replies with equal representation from both academia and industry. These responders indicated that content is the most important factor, then speakers, and then location.  Price isn’t as high of a concern. A few people commented that the NCIS was too technical, too little science and contained too much vendor content.   Perhaps people may want to combine the NCIS with a vacation if the location and time of year (summer?) is a good fit.  Some people may prefer winter or spring break (in a warm location).    The survey comments were interesting and will be used in the development of NCIS 2004.  Guenter will work with 2-3 people (including Grace Baysinger) who will represent both academia and industry.  They will discuss content, location and timing and report at the New Orleans meeting.  Ask Guenter Grethe if you would like a summary of the survey.

National Chemistry Week (Andrew Berks)
 There were no ideas or interest in doing something for National Chemistry Week this year.

Chminf-l (Gary Wiggins)
 The Chminf-l listserv has 1400 members and is appreciated.   Problem of unintentional replies to the list continues to exist.  Also, there has been a PLEZ virus infection.  Gary has made some changes to the list settings, limiting size of message to 250 lines or less.  He appreciates the financial support of CINF.  Has installed a filter to eliminate “out of office” messages but this isn’t working completely.  He will keep checking on it.  Filtering is based on text in the subject line.  Regarding html messages, some folks like them and some don’t.  It depends on how their e-mail system is set up.    Gary was able to soothe some nerves when there was a complaint about a comment to an individual.

ASEE-ELD liaison (Ibironke Lawal)
 Ibironke introduced herself and inquired about whether CINF would like to collaborate with ASEE-ELD (American Society for Engineering Education - Engineering Library Division).  She has been appointed as the liaison to CINF.  There are 175 members in the division and 12000 members in the society, mostly faculty and engineers.  They meet once a year and discuss trends in education, business and employment.  She would like to share what we are doing and take any suggestions back to her group.  She found the Education Committee Meeting and the CPT document very interesting because information literacy was the focus.     There may be some joint programs in these areas. For details of ASEE activities see Montreal program (most recent) on the ASEE web site at http://www.asee.org/

Trisociety symposium report (Gary Wiggins)
 The Trisociety consists of ACS CINF, ASIST (American Society for Information Science and Technology), and SLA (Special Libraries Association) Chemistry Division and the symposium takes place every 4 years at the national conference for the sponsoring society (sponsorship rotates).  Attendance to SLA meeting was down but 70-80 people attended the Trisociety Symposium.   All expenses of the symposium were covered.   One of the highlights was a talk by Tina Chrzastowski from University of Illinois about plans to go completely digital.  Her library is no longer binding the print journals.  She plans to reduce the size of the library.  Her use studies show that 96% of use is electronic.   

Many papers from the Symposium are posted to the web at: http://depts.washington.edu/chemlib/trisocrev.html.  The next conference will be sponsored by ASIST in 4 years.  ACS CINF will sponsor this symposium in 8 years.   

New Appointments (Graham Douglas/ Andy Berks)
 All positions regularly turn over and especially non-chair positions would benefit from smooth transitions.  One idea is to create and fill assistant positions for critical positions. This serves a dual purpose of the assistant getting to know the job, and the current position holder learning about the skill level, abilities and motivation of the assistant.  The Program committee provides an example where there are 9 members and 3 members are replaced each year.  

Several critical positions may be turning over soon, possibly this December 2002: Graham C. Douglas, Business Manager, David Flaxbart, CIB Editor, and Kerryn Brandt, Assistant CIB Editor.  Tentative plans are that Graham will become Subscriptions Manager and also handle the ads for the time being.  A new Assistant Business Manager could manage the ads if the Publications Chair, currently Bruce Slutsky, agrees to this.   Cathy Misner is transitioning into Kerryn’s position this fall.  To fill Graham and David’s positions, the membership survey will be reviewed to identify interested people. (See CINF E-News and future publications for an update).  

IMPORTANT: For each committee, the procedure manual should contain the number of committee members and the procedures for filling leadership positions.  We used to have a Procedure Manual that was based on ACS’s manual that included this information.  Bonnie Lawlor will try to find it and send to Andy.  Andy will send the relevant parts of this manual and our current manual to each Committee Chair for updates (check for version compatibility). The updated Procedures Manual will be sent to the Executive Committee for review and will be voted on in March 2003 in New Orleans.   Also each Committee will have space on the CINF website.    

3. Committee and Officer Reports

Awards (Joanne Witiak)
 The committee has tentatively chosen the 2003 Herman Skolnik recipient pending the person’s acceptance.  An announcement will be made after this meeting.   

Committee proposes budgeting for reimbursement to CINF award recipients for expenses. Specifically:

· Student Award: $200 to cover travel to local section and dinner

· Meritorious Service Expenses (not currently yearly): increase $100 for plaque, lunch and presentation to $1100 to include travel expenses and registration.  

· Herman Skolnik Expenses: increase $200 up to $2100 ($1500 for travel, $500 for program, and $100 for plaque) to include documented expenses with limit.  Does not include the $2000 award.  

 Pros: Relieves the financial burden from the award recipient.  Bring awards on par with other divisional awards.  May not need funds every year depending on when the award is given.

Cons: Requires a strong commitment because this is not something that can be changed after the promise has been made.  Will require extra fund raising, hopefully from yearly contributors.

 Fundraising Committee led by Guenter Grethe will think it over and try to get some solid commitments. Hope to cover expenses with a limit.  Chair-Elect Chuck Huber proposed that money not being used for 2003 NCIS line can be budgeted for 2003 awards.  If the Fundraising Committee guarantees that future commitments can be made and if the Executive Committee approves this in New Orleans, then we can proceed with this plan.  We will budget for it just in case.

 Bill Town, Assistant Awards Chair reported on proposed updates to the Awards section of the Procedures Manual.  Under section 3.1 (elected officials) Committee Members may serve a maximum of three successive 1-year terms, which means that the position must be evaluated yearly and there is no guarantee that a person will be reappointed to the position.  Proposal: Say Committee Members may serve a maximum of three successive years but if a person is elected Chair of the Committee, they may serve three more years after they served as a member.  This is okay as long as there are no conflicts with Bylaws.  May want to align our language with the ACS language (i.e. three successive 1-year terms), but recognize that reappointments are usually automatic unless there is a problem.  

 How are the Meritorious Service Award recipients chosen?  The Awards Committee receives nominations and then selects and makes a recommendation.  Committee would like to change the Procedure Manual that currently says that all potential awardees are presented to the Executive Committee, which selects.  Final version will be submitted for review at New Orleans.

BTEC (Guenter Grethe)
 CINF is a member of BTEC in good standing.  There was a BTEC session in San Diego.  The Boston session was mainly organized by the POLY and PMSE divisions.  There will be a half day BTEC program in New Orleans and a BTEC Symposium in Philadelphia.  Thanks to Andy Berks for the web work.  Dues for 2002 were not sent yet.

Careers (not discussed)
Council (Bonnie Lawlor, Gary Wiggins)
 Petitions up for discussion:

· Petition to increase size of society committees postponed until Boston.  

· Petition to revise charge of Committee on Technical Affairs.  

· Boulder Dam Section name change.

Education (Kitty Porter & Leah Solla)
 Regarding the CPT Report: The CINF Division needs a way to present the Education Committee’s recommendations to the CPT committee.  Are Rob McFarland and Bartow Culp liaisons to CPT from the Education Committee or CINF? Arleen Somerville made initial informal connections because of personal interest. Rob and Bartow were warmly welcomed at the last CPT committee meeting. To formalize these relationships with the CPT, Andy will send a letter to Jean Perberton (by Sept 15?).  This way, they will be able to speak for the Division and present our recommendations.  We need to mention the CPT representatives in our Procedure Manual.  

The Education Committee is working on presentations for Boston and New York national ACS meetings, as well as the following regional meetings:

· Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) in Charleston (Nov. 2002),

· NorthEastern Regional Meeting (NERM) in New York (Nov. 2002) and,

· the Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM) at University of Missouri, Columbia (2003).

 Andy Berks circulated a 2 page document from Jean Pemberton, supplemental guidelines.   The Education Committee briefly discussed and this document partially answers the query regarding what skills are supposed to be taught, but Kitty felt that it continues to emphasize the use of SciFinder Scholar and does not include important skills such as reaction, property, formula and name fragment searching.  

Fundraising (Guenter Grethe)
 This committee needs 1 or 2 more members.  The same organizations are giving same amount of money.  We need to look at what specific programs or specific speakers can get funded.  We can make contacts with related companies for support.  Also we will ask some sponsors to a yearly donation.  Depending on yearly donations, we can cover two receptions (one on Tuesday night), award recipients, and student grants.  Student may be required to prepare a poster to earn the $1000 student grant.  When the recipient of the Herman Skolnik award is announced, an appropriate company can be approached to fund the event.  The Committee has dropped the idea of donation levels (platinum, etc) as it doesn’t work for us.   We will publicize contributors after each fall ACS meeting using the fall E-news and Spring CIB.  We plan to include names of organizations and  total amount of donations starting in 2003.   

For this meeting, $8500 was donated for the reception by Chem Web, Fitz Chemie, and MDL.  Herman Skolnik reception is sponsored by Derwent.  Andy Berks created the program handout that includes a list of sponsors.  The Program Committee submitted funding requests for 2 symposia to CA (Corporate Associates) and received $2000 each for each.  Congratulations!

Membership (Ann Bolek)
 Membership Survey: This survey was a success with 245 responses received (16% return rate).  There were many programming related comments that will be passed on to the Programming Committee.  Also, there were many comments about communications with members.  Members would like to know more about what is happening at National Meetings.  They may not know that many of the presentation slides are being posted on our web site after the meetings.  We will follow up with members that expressed an interest in serving by passing their names on to the appropriate committee chairs.

It was well worth the cost of out-sourcing the survey.  The survey happened in a very timely fashion and now we have the data file to manipulate. We can query the data and may use for volunteer recruiting.  We plan to always out-source surveys in the future.  Because the comments are very important, we need to summarize and produced a “sanitized summary” which is a list of themes with some examples.  Then we can distribute relevant comments to committees.  Perhaps we will post to member only area or officer only area.  Sue Cardinal volunteered to help with this.  

Thank you Ann Bolek and Andrea Twiss-Brooks for doing the membership survey.

 We need to update our membership directory.  It is best for members to opt-in with ACS so that information goes to ACS first.  With CINF opt-ins, Ann has to add manually.

 We would like to order some banners for posting over our table.  The banners can be stored by ACS and can be picked up in the Operations Office.  Andrea moved that we purchase two official ACS banners.  Seconded by Gary Wiggins.  All unanimously agreed to this.

 We lost our former banners and trifold poster.  The CIB emblem was on it.  Membership committee will make two trifold posters.  Will Operations store the trifold posters, too?  Andy will ask about this.  ACS will also ship.  Andy will follow up with Mike O’Hara’s brother about any CINF materials that may be in his possession.

 Our membership numbers have not changed much between 2000 and 2001.  We have had approximately 100-200 adds & drops per year so there are some member changes.  We invite new Chminf-L members to join CINF and invite CINF members to join Chminf-L.  This is probably where most of the new members are coming from.   

 Boston program is very full program with parallel booking for each session except Tuesday afternoon.  Trying to co-chair sessions with a different division for every meeting.  Booked up with programming up to San Diego in 2005.   

Osman Gunner will be taking over as program chain in New Orleans.  Andy Berks is planning a memorial program for Mike O’Hara in New Orleans.     

The committee tried to work with two regional meetings with no success:

· Western Region – E-mailed one dozen times and called too.  No response.

· Interested in participating in Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) for 2003.  However, they want funds that we can’t provide.  We would like to have a symposium on Chemical information for MARM.  Osman is following up on this idea with the program chair of MARM.  Osman will suggest that they contact CAS and MDL for grant money.   Their initial request for “contributions” was very unclear.  

These two situations are very discouraging. The above mentioned problems will be included in the Annual Report. The CINF Division has been aggressively looking for opportunities to program with regional divisions with little success. Is there a procedure that we should be following? Bring this up at the P2C2 and the Chair luncheon.   

We will be organizing a session at Pacifichem 2005.

 In 2005 we will be a cosponsor for Noordwijkerhout (International Conference on Chemical Structures).   The last Noordwijkerhout has higher than expected attendance with 170 people attending from 17 countries.  The conference did very well done financially.  Twelve students received awards of 500 euros and presented posters.  There were a total of 67 posters and 25  plenary sessions.  Guenter Grethe will not be organizing the next one. Bob Snyder will represent CINF and be the main organizer with a local organization.  The next meeting is in June 2005 at the same location that is already reserved. Facility pricing is going up a little.

Thanks to Bob for his excellent work as Programming Chair!   

 ·        Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB): Color ads have been added and editor David Flaxbart produced excellent CIBs.  He will be retiring from this position after next two issues.  According to the membership survey, twelve people have expressed interest in becoming the editor of CIB.  Grahm will be transitioning from Business Manager to the new Subscriptions Manager.  We need an assistant Business Manager.  

· E-News – October 1st, 2002 is next deadline for submissions.  

· Bylaws need to be updated.

· Salary Survey Proposal:  Next survey is planned for 2003, contingent on receiving funding. Andrea Twiss-Brooks will apply for a ACS mini-grant and outsource to speed up the process, ideally 1 year.  Results will be published in 2004.  We want to avoid a long lag time between data collection and publication.  With the last survey, data was collected in 2000 and reported in 2002.  Perhaps library school students can do data crunching and presentation?  The Executive committee unanimously agreed with this plan.  (Andrea moved, Gary seconded.) The last survey was profitable.  In fact 5 people bought all three salary surveys.

· Web Site: Kerryn Brandt is new web master.  The current web site size is 350 MB.  Andrea will transfer files to Kerryn.  Each committee must designate a web editor and each will be given user names and passwords so that they can update their own sections.   The member only area may contain a copy of the CIB (pdf format), membership directory and e-news.  We will ask ACS for 500 MB.    

Treasurer: A report was handed out.  
Budget: Many modifications were made to Chuck Huber’s proposed budget.  Chuck will revise and send out to Executive Committee shortly.  We will vote on the cleaned up version via e-mail.  Results of voting will be in an addendum to these minutes.
Online voting: What would do we need to do for an online election?  Do we need to change our Bylaws?  If ACS is supporting trials, we don’t need to change our Bylaws and we could do a trial.   Hopefully when the time comes, they Bylaws will be very easy to change.  
 Huber moved and Joanne Witiack seconded that the Executive Committee adjourns. The motion passed unanimously. The Executive Committee adjourned at 4:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan K. Cardinal
Secretary, ACS Division of Chemical Information
Phone: (585) 275-9007
Fax: (585) 273-4656
E-mail: scardinal@library.rochester.edu


Budget Proposal was modified and approved via e-mail to the Executive Committee on September 10, 2002.

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