#224 - Symposia

ACS National #224 - Boston, MA - Fall, 2002

CINF Symposia (including co-sponsors)

S M T W T Session title
D         Integrated Access to Chemical and Other Data Sources
D         Virtual High-Throughput Screening - COMP, MEDI
  A       Digital Archiving
  D       Virtual High-Throughput Screening
  P       Electronic Notebooks and Related Systems for Knowledge Management in R&D - State of the Technology
  E       Sci-Mix Poster Session
    D     Skolnik Award Symposium: Searching and Indexing of Chemical Patents - Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
      A   Scientific Communications Today: Chemistry and Copyrights
      P   Data Warehousing
        A Careers in Chemical Information
        A Managing Genomic Information
        A Use of Chemical Information

A = AM
D = AM / PM
P = PM
E = Evening

CINF Co-Sponsored Symposia

None available.