#225 - Approved Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, March 22, 2003 at the Morial Convention Center
1:02 - 4:40 pm

Chair Chuck Huber called the Executive Committee meeting to order at 1:00 pm. Agendas were available during the meeting. Those present for all or part of the meeting were as follows:

Executive Committee Voting Members

  •  Mr. Chuck Huber, Chair  
  •  Ms. Pamela Scott, Chair Elect  
  •  Dr. Andrew H. Berks, Past Chair, Alternate Councilor  
  •  Ms. Susan K. Cardinal, Secretary  
  •  Ms. Marge Matthews, Treasurer  
  •  Ms. Bonnie Lawlor, Councilor  
  •  Ms. Ann Bolek, Membership Chair  
  •  Mr. Bill Town, Awards Chair  
  •  Ms. Grace Baysinger, Alternate Councilor  
  •  Mr. Osman Güner, Program Chair

Committee Chairs and Visitors

  •  Ms. Leah Solla, Education Chair  
  •  Mr. Graham C. Douglas, Business Manager  
  •  Ms. Andrea Twiss-Brooks  
  •  Ms. Svelana Korolev  
  •  Dr. W. Val Metanomski, Archivist/ Historian

1. Introductions (Chuck Huber)
Everyone introduced himself or herself. Minutes from Fall 2002

Executive Committee Meeting was approved with minor change: MG should be MB.

2. Division Business
a. Finance Committee/ Audits

We unanimously agreed to form a Finance Committee to help resolve issues about spending and lend some continuity to the budgeting process. The Finance Committee will consist of the current treasurer, CINF Chair Elect, Fundraising Chair, Business Manager, Subscriptions Manager, Assistant Treasurer, possibly Chair and past Chair. The Saturday meeting schedule will need to be adjusted to allow the committee to meet. Marge will add new procedures to the procedure manual.

Auditing needs to be done every year. The Chair and one member review financial records to determine how records were kept, not how well funds were used. Ideally, the member will live and/or work in the same geographic area as treasurer. We agreed to locate a member and reinstitute the yearly audit.

Andrea Twiss-Brooks is the new Bylaws/ Constitution Chair. Chuck Huber will notify Robert Stobaugh of this change and thank him on behalf of the division for his many years of service. Regarding the procedure manual, send any new procedures and amendments to old procedures to Andrea Twiss-Brooks. No approval is needed as long as chairs of committees make the changes. If change is going to be major, send out a draft for all to review.

b. Division/ Local Section Proposal (also see amendment at end)
In Boston, a proposal for increased funding for local sections and divisions was withdrawn and not voted on. A new proposal, very similar to the Boston proposal, will be voted on in New Orleans and it allocates 55% of increase to local sections and 45% to divisions. Lots of discussion is expected. If it passes it will have a major impact on the Society's finances especially by 2007. A certain amount of funds will be allocated based on membership and some will be allocated for specific projects by the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC) and the Division Activities Committee (DAC). Stop Gap funding will go away. This will probably have a minor impact on CINF. National membership dues will certainly need to be raised to pay for this. We are concerned about the financial health of ACS. What is ACS's larger financial plan? Let's vote against the proposal and let it come up again in the future. Councilors were directed to vote against this proposal unanimously. (This was amended below).

c. Stop-gap Funding
We decided to apply money received from Stop-Gap funding to the newest Salary Survey (2003). There was $2800 left from previous funding, after paying for the membership survey. We plan to post 2003 salary survey results on "ACS Member Only" web site. Ideally, the survey will be simple to do making it a more sustainable process. We may use the PIUG survey as a model. We could market our survey results, especially to human resources depts. We hope to have survey data by New York meeting. Sue Cardinal will contact library schools to see if students can create an interactive web interface. Andrea will arrange for a web-based survey company to conduct the survey and consult with the Executive Committee if the cost is more than expected. So far we have sold 20-25 copies of the 2000 Salary Survey.

d. Regional Meetings Initiative
ACS is encouraging divisions to get more involved in regional programming. Our Programming Committee is working on a program for MARM (Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting) for 2004. They plan to use this meeting as a prototype for future collaborations. They choose MARM because it tends to be strongly organized with great communication. This is helpful for advanced planning. The committee may also contact the chair of LSAC for ideas. Points are deducted from annual reports if no collaborations are mentioned. Send ideas for regional programming to Osman Güner because he needs to know who to contact in advance.

e. Annual Report Date Change
The DAC proposes changing the due date for annual report from March 15th to February 15th to give them more time to process the reports before national spring meetings. This is okay with the current secretary. The issue isn't having enough time as much as scheduling time to work on it. Many parts of the reports can be worked on ahead of time. We agreed to a Feb. 15th deadline (one opposed - former secretary) as long as financial information will be provided in a timely manner.

f. Dues Increase?
Shall we increase the dues this year to provide a cushion for delayed payments? Some of our invested money has been lost due to poor economy. Money earned from the "Workshop" is for the Education Committee use only. We are currently breaking even but a $2 increase in dues would add security. We are very dependent on sponsorship and don't know if or when extra divisional funding will become available. Shall we ask the new Finance Committee to review our situation and make a plan? Are we missing financial opportunities?

Andy proposed and Bonnie agreed that we should study and consider raising dues in 2005. Committees will know if they are meeting financial obligations and submit budget requests. The Awards Committee would like to increase funding for Awards. What are the Executive Committee needs?

How will a raise in dues impact our members? If the economy turns around and we feel more secure, we will find worthwhile projects to use the money for. A proposal to not raise dues was voted down by a 3 to 4 vote. A proposal to raise dues by $2 for members and affiliates was approved by a 4 to 3 vote. Therefore, in 2004 dues will be raised from $10 - $12 for members. Student dues not raised. Affiliate dues will be raised from $15 to $17. Marge will submit paperwork to raise dues.

g. Embargo on Abstracts?
Membership has expressed some concerns about timing of publication of abstracts. They would like to announce company advancements at meeting and not prior. Once abstracts are submitted they become public. The date of abstract publishing is not completely under our control. Some companies write abstracts in vague ways so that full disclosure may be made at the meeting. Andy and Pam will meet with concerned parties and advise on abstract wording.

h. Committee Chairs Review of openings for Committee Chairs and other positions:

  •  Teller: Counts Ballots. Helpful if Committee members are geographically close. Chuck Huber will find someone to fill this position (Bartow Culp).  
  •  Nominations for 2003 Ballot (Chair Elect, Secretary, Councilor): Andy Berks will give list to Sue Cardinal in May.  
  •  Audit Committee (see above for reinstitution): A few names were proposed and people will be contacted and encouraged to perform this important duty.  
  •  Awards Chair: Bill Town  
  •  Education Chair: Leah Solla.  
  •  Fundraising Chair: Need suggestions.  
  •  Membership Chair: Ann Bolek is finishing her term and has a few leads that she is following up on.  
  •  Publications Chair: Need suggestions. Bruce Slutsky will be finishing his term in this position.

i. Online Voting
Current secretary, Sue Cardinal is concerned about serving needs of small number of members that still prefer paper ballots. However, members may use public libraries if needed to vote online. Also, Sue doesn't want to increase the ballot preparation workload. Online voting is still experimental at this stage. Discussions will continue in New York.

j. Recruiting Poster?
Patricia Mindle from Toronto is very interested in creating a poster encouraging academic folks to consider a career in chemical information. Does CINF want work with her? Chuck Huber will take the idea to Phil Barnet, the head of the Career Committee. Gary Wiggins might be interested.

3. Committee and Officer Reports
a. Awards (Bill Town)
The Award Committee members are Guenter Grethe, Swetlana Korolev, Patricia Kirkwood, Peter Nickels, Chuck Huber and Andy Berks.

The Committee recommends Gary Wiggins for a Meritorious Service Award. Andy moved to accept the recommendation and Sue seconded it. It passed unanimously.

There were three excellent candidates for the Lucille Wert award. The winner is Wei Zhang from McGill University.

The deadline for the Herman Skolnik Award nominations is June 1st 2003. The committee has already received several good candidates.

The Committee will propose an increase in award amounts for the 2004 budget.

Bob Massey will be the recipient of the Patterson Crane Award during the first week in May.

b. BTEC (Guenter not present)
CINF hasn't received a request for BTEC dues yet. We will pay it when we receive the request.

c. Careers (No representative present)
d. Council (Bonnie Lawlor)
Councilors will be choosing two nominees for President of ACS from a field of four, which include William F. Carroll Jr, David F. Eaton, Kathleen C. Taylor, Michael E. Strem. Local section and Division funding will be discussed and hopefully voted on. (Discussed previously)

e. Education (Leah Solla)
The Boston workshop was very successful. A variety of people attended from industry, from small and large academic institutions and from sales organizations. The Education Committee is considering holding workshops at 3 or 4 more regional meetings.

The Committee is updating our materials so that it is easy to cut and paste for use in regional activities.

Committee liaisons to CPT are giving recommendations for information literacy and contributing to CPT's newsletter. We encouraged CPT support of symposium on Cost of Information Literacy. Planning to update Clearinghouse information and the Committee might put it into a database. The Committee hopes to create a database of example questions for use in instruction modeling the work after NSF's National Science Digital Library (NSDL) at http://nsdl.org.

The Committee will have sessions in New York City on ejournals and user education.

f. Fundraising (Andy Berks for Gunter Grethe)
MDL is generously giving $10,000 yearly for receptions or other events. The Committee will submit draft procedures for the Procedure manual. Chemical Abstracts sponsored the Sunday Evening Reception and Derwent sponsored the Tuesday Evening reception. Louisiana Alliance for Biotechnology gave a check to all divisions participating in the BTEC program. CINF received $600.

The Committee plans to use long term gift money to build up a travel money/ registration/ student travel fund.

g. Membership (Ann Bolek)
People expressed interest in some of our positions on the membership survey. Andrea shared these lists with the committee chairs. Currently CINF has approximately 1550 members. This number hasn't changed much over the last few years. Jan/ Feb numbers always go down due to dues renewal. As previously mentioned, the Committee is looking for a new Membership Chair.

h. Program (Osman Güner)
CINF had 13 sessions in New Orleans, 12 were chemical information and 1 was BioTech. CINF received $600 for having the BioTech session. The Committee needs to investigate the status of the Computer Associates Grants.

For New York Program, double sessions through Wednesday are planned.

We are starting to work on the 2005 program.

Regarding membership, two members have joined. There will be three openings next year. There are a dozen candidates. The Committee is in the process of sending e-mail to those who expressed interest and have received some positive responses.

i. Publications (Graham Douglas for Bruce Slutsky)
This morning's meeting was lightly attended. See the Publication Committee notes for names of new committee members. Current, Graham is the Business Manager, Helen Yun is Assistant Business Manager.

The Committee plans to work with Andrea to outsource and simplify the Salary Survey. Andrea and Sue will try to locate a graduate student who can analyze the data and make it presentable. Hopefully, it will be interactive so that a member can see where they fit within the collected data. This will be funded with Stop-Gap money.

Kerryn Brandt, our new webmaster is working out some challenges in the web migration to the ACS Site. We hope to post E-news, the Salary Survey results, the Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB), and the Membership Directory to a password protected area. A prototype web site is up. However, it doesn't work well with Front Page software. Andrea will get a user name and password and experiment with it. Page editors may need to FTP their pages to the site. Also, the CIB is very large. Will there be enough space? Kerryn will provide page editors with procedures. Some Committees have already designated web editors.

Norman Santora will be the new CIB editor for the January 2004 issue. In the Fall 2003 issue, there were 12 ads reserved.

The PDF version of the CIB is very large. Shall we post both a PDF and a DOC version to the Members Only web site? Will they be searchable? There are approximately 44 pages with the size of 20 MB. Perhaps each page can be downloadable separately? Perhaps the Printer of the CIB can help reduce the size for posting? The Committee needs to find out the size limit of the Member only web site.

In future editions of CIB, the committee may redesign the cover, add session letters to the abstracts, "sell" the inside cover, update the CIB functionary list, and increase size of the opt in text.

The Committee also plans to update procedures and "best practices" to in the Procedure Manual keep mistakes to minimum.

j. Treasurer (Marge Matthews)
A report was handed out. We were slightly over budget because of a delay in receipt of funds from Derwent. The funds went directly to ACS rather than to CINF.

Andy Berks moved and Ann Bolek seconded that Executive Meeting should be adjourned. All agreed and meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan K. Cardinal
Secretary, ACS Division of Chemical Information
Phone: (585) 275-9007
Fax: (585) 273-4656
E-mail: scardinal@library.rochester.edu

An impromptu meeting of the Executive Committee was called on Tuesday evening around the time of the reception. Pam, Ann, Grace, Andy, Sue, and Bonnie were present. Ann said that she had a better understanding of the proposed Division/ Local Section funding proposal and asked if CINF would reconsider their stance on this. We unanimously voted to change our recommendation to our councilors and instructed them to vote their conscience.

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