#225 - Symposia

ACS National #225 - New Orleans, LA - Spring, 2003

CINF Symposia (including co-sponsors)

S M T W T Session title
A         Chemical Information Literacy: Is It Affordable? - CHED
P         Knowledge Discovery and Scientific Numerical Databases
P         Librarian Watch: Introduction to New Hot Areas in Chemistry - CHED
  A       Last Wave? Reference Books Go Digital
  A       Informatics Challenges in Toxicology and Environmental - ENVR, TOXI
  P       Current Status of XML in Chemistry
  E       Sci-Mix Poster Session
    A     Patent Searching for Nonexperts
    P     Michael O'Hara Memorial Symposium - CHAL
      P   High-Throughput Experimentation - IEC
      A   Combinatorial Chemistry and Laboratory Automation - LABA
        A The Scientific Article in the Digital World: Where Are We and Where Should We Be Going?
        D Intellectual Property Law Series
        P General Papers

A = AM
D = AM / PM
P = PM
E = Evening

CINF Co-Sponsored Symposia

S M T W T Session title
      P   BTEC - Informatics Challenges in Pharmacogenomics