#227 - Symposia

ACS National #227 - Anaheim, CA - Spring, 2004

CINF Symposia (including co-sponsors)

S M T W T Session title
D         The Bigger Picture: Linking Bioinformatics to Cheminformatics - BIOT, COMP, MEDI
P         CINF Serves SCHB: Patent Information for Small Chemical Businesses - BMGT, CHAL, SCHB
  D       Research Collaboratories, Virtual Laboratories, and Grid Computing
  P       Informatics Challenges in Nanotechnology - COMP, INOR, PRES
  E       Sci-Mix Poster Session
    D     Advances in Pharmacophores and 3D Searching - COMP, MEDI
      D   ELNs, Collaborative Informatics, and Knowledge Management in R&D
      P   How Do the Changes in 21-CFR Part 11 Affect You? - ANYL, CHAS, LABA, MEDI
        A Chemical Information Needs for Industrial and Engineering Chemistry - IEC
        P General Papers

A = AM
D = AM / PM
P = PM
E = Evening

CINF Co-Sponsored Symposia

None available.