#236 - Symposia

ACS National #236 - Philadelphia, PA - Fall, 2008

CINF Symposia (including co-sponsors)

S M T W T Session title
D         Pioneers of Chemical Information - HIST
P         Systems Chemical Biology: Integrating Chemistry and Biology for Network Models - COMP, MEDI, HEALTH, BIOT
P         Preserving our Chemical Heritage: Cool Collections - Invited papers only - HIST
E         CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence Sponsored by FIZ Chemie Berlin - Invited papers only
  D       Herman Skolnik Award Symposium - Invited papers only - COMP
  E       Sci-Mix
    D     Preservation Issues for the Digital Library - HIST
    D     Datamining and Textmining Approaches to Drug Discovery - COMP, MEDI, HEALTH
    P     General Posters
      A   ADME-Informatics - Converting Raw Data to Useful Knowledge for Drug Discovery - COMP, HEALTH
      P   Predictive Properties
        A General Papers

A = AM
D = AM / PM
P = PM
E = Evening

CINF Co-Sponsored Symposia

S M T W T Session title
P P P P P COMP - Targeting Protein Kinases in Drug Design
A A       COMP - Pharmacology: The Forgotten Art of Drug Discovery
P         MEDI - New Frontiers in Drug Delivery
  D       HIST - Classic Books in Chemistry V: Chemical Engineering
  P       MEDI - Molecular Imaging in Drug Development and Chemistry I
  P       CHAL - Non-Traditional Careers in Chemistry: CHAL's 25th Anniversary Series
  P       PROF - The Use of New Technologies in Finding Employment
  P       MEDI - Molecular Imaging in Drug Development and Chemistry II
  P       TOXI - Chemical Biology of Epigenetics
    A     COMP - Drug Discovery
    A     TOXI - Drug Safety
    P     TOXI - Cytochrome P450 Structure, Function, and Mechanism
      A   COMP - Drug Discovery
      A   MEDI - Co-crystals and Crystal Engineering of Pharmaceuticals
      A   TOXI - Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Nanomaterials
      A   MEDI - Structure- and Ligand-Based Drug Design


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