#238 - Symposia

ACS National #238 - Washington, DC - Fall, 2009

CINF Symposia (including co-sponsors)

S M T W T Session title
D         Chemical Text Mining and Public Molecular Databases - COMP
D         Copyright and Author Rights - CHAL
E         2009 CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence
  D       Federated Search: Beyond Traditional A&I Services - COMP
  A       Handbooks: Past, Present, and Future - HIST
  P       General Papers
  E       Sci-Mix
    D     Herman Skolnik Award Symposium Collections and Uses of Data - COMP
      A   Federated Search: Chemical and Biological Databases - COMP
      D   Applications of Crystal Structure Information in Chemical Education - CHED, INOR, YCC
      P   IP to IP: Intellectual Property for Information Professionals - CHAL, CHED, SOCED, YCC
        A General Papers

A = AM
D = AM / PM
P = PM
E = Evening

CINF Co-Sponsored Symposia

S M T W T Session title
D         COMP - Computational Chemistry in the Discovery & Development of Novel Anti-Infective Agents
D         COMP - Structure Activity Relationship Knowledgebases
D         HIST - Classic Books in Chemistry VI: The Language of Chemistry
  A       COMP - Structure Activity Relationship Knowledgebases
  P       SCHB - Leveraging the Internet to Advance your Position in the Market
    A     COMP - Molecular Visualization: small molecules, BIG IMPACT
      A   COMP - Molecular Visualization: Giving Your Proteins Appeal


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