Author Instructions: CINF Modules

The Chemical Information Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS-CINF) is developing a repository of instructional modules in order to educate chemical information instructors and students on core chemical information topics. Anyone may submit a module for inclusion to a member of the CINF Education Committee. The CINF Education Committee will review and post high quality modules to the CINF repository. Each module will consist of a PowerPoint presentation, an Module Description, and a handout for the users with optional supplementary materials. In addition the module must satisfy all the requirements described below.

Module Requirements

  • Complete and submit a Module Description (below). Module must be unique to the CINF Repository collection or an update of an existing module.
  • In the Module Description, include a clear and concise "Purpose of the module" section . This section should contain clear goals and objectives. Goals are the over arching aims of the module. Objectives are the performance criteria that are expected to be met by users completing the study of the material presented.
  • Describe the pedagogical focus. The module is more than a collection of notes or search examples. It should be coherent on its own.
  • In the Module Description, define the intended audience. Design for a clearly defined audience of teachers and/or students. Be accurate, complete, original, and useful for the intended audience.
  • Write in clear and proper English, at a level suitable for intended audience.
  • Define terms and concepts unique to the resource and/ or skill being taught.
  • Include a bibliography that will permit further study of the topic by the intended audience.
  • Use the provided PowerPoint template for formatting.
  • Be of a length appropriate for content and the stated goals and objectives of the topics being addressed. In general the module should run between 2 minutes and 1 hour.
  • Include the main author’s e-mail address, and telephone number.


To submit a module:

  • Fill out the Module Description and send to a member of the CINF Education Committee for review and comment.
  • Use the attached PowerPoint template to create your slides.
  • Create a handout in Word that tells the users what they will learn, list of resources to be covered, sample search examples, how long it will take, how to connect, and what software and hardware is required.
  • Submit the completed Powerpoint slides, handout and an updated Module Description to member of the CINF Education Committee.


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