Book Review

Grubb, Philip W., Thomsen, Peter R. Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology; Oxford University Press: New York, 2010, $190.00 (Hardcover). 592 pp. ISBN: 987-0-19-957523-7.

This exhaustive monograph covers the whole of the field of patents on an international scale. History, patent law and procedure, patentability, patenting in practice (including drafting), and commercial exploitation are covered in depth in 25 chapters. However, it is directed at patent agents and other practitioners in patent law including portfolio management. Significantly, the chapter in previous editions on patents and information (chapter 20 in the 4th edition) has been eliminated. For a treatment of the field of patent information, including a good primer on patents in general, the interested reader is referred to, among others, "Information Sources in Patents"1 by Stephen Adams.


  1. Adams, S. R. Information Sources in Patents, 2nd ed.; K. G. Saur, Munich, 2006.

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