Call for Abstracts: After the Thrill is Gone: Ensuring Continued Access to Research Data

Call for Papers - ACS Dallas, March 16-20, 2014

We are interested in a variety of perspectives on academic chemists accessing, re-using, curating and archiving research data. Many of us are involved in related activities, contribute a talk on how your work impacts the academic research environment!

Submission deadline is Oct 7. Contact Leah ( or Andrea (

After the Thrill is Gone: Ensuring Continued Access to Research Data
Sponsored by CINF (co-sponsors welcome)
Organized by Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Leah McEwen

Imagine you are reading through a paper of interesting compounds and trying to discern shifts on poorly scanned NMR. You wish you could just look at the author's original data, and you wonder why it isn't deposited somewhere like X-ray structure data, at least with the Supplementary Information.  NMR and most other instrumental data are digital in origin. Standard file formats are available for many types of common and useful data. Supplementary information guidelines are flexible. Funding agencies are looking for broader availability of experimental data. Research institutions and libraries are scoping broad level requirements for supporting access and use of research data. Many pieces of the digital data deposit puzzle are under active consideration across the research enterprise. This symposium will survey the current issues relative to the chemical sciences and consider options for supporting chemists to archive, curate and publish re-usable data.

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