Call for Abstracts: Lost in Translation: Mining Chemical Information in Non-English Documents

Organized by Wei Deng


We are now accepting submission of abstracts for consideration for an ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF) Symposium on information extraction from non-English documents at the ACS Spring 2014 Meeting in Dallas, TX, March 16-20, 2014. (Presentations via telecommunication may be allowed for presenters who cannot attend the conference due to travel budget limitations.)

Although English is the dominant international language in science and other areas, scientific literature in other languages cannot and shall not be ignored. In 2012, China overtook the US and became the number one patent filer in the world. Not too far behind, Japan and South Korea took the 3rd and 4th places. A similar trend can also be seen in chemistry. For example, scientists are turning to traditional herbal medicines for new research inspirations which are commonly documented in non-English languages.

Today, global collaboration is a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. Accurately extracting useful information from non-English scientific documents and faithfully “translating” it to chemistry, is a challenging task. This is the focus of this symposium, an overview of current developments beneficial to scientists in the chemistry industry, and also individuals in academia, publishing, patent laws and governmental agencies.

Topics suggestions (not exhaustive):

  • Non-English chemical names recognition.
  • Manual or automatic chemical information extraction from non-English documents.
  • Traditional medicine described in non-English documents.  
  • Harmonization of different patent offices and changes in global patent law practices.


Oral presentations will be 25-30 minutes, including time for questions. (Although this symposium is about non-English documents, the oral presentation is expected to be given in English.) The deadline for submitting an abstract for consideration is Oct 7th, 2013. Abstracts should be submitted via:  

Please contact the organizer, Wei Deng (David) (ddeng AT ), if you have any questions.

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