Cheminformatics OLCC

Along with the Division of Education, (spearheaded by Dr. Robert Belford), CINF (with special help and support by Dr. Stuart Chalk and Leah McEwen) have collaborated and supported the OLCC: On-Line Chemistry Courses @  A series of online courses on a variety of topics in the area of chemistry. Additionally, specifically there is a complete online course on Chemoinformatics: Cheminformatics OLCC: An InterCollegiate Introductory Course to Some of the Topics of Cheminformatics (

Topics discussed range from library sciences and information skills, to Chemogenomics, Drug Discovery, Big Data, Chemical Identifiers, Text Mining and a plethora of other topics.  This is an amazing free tool and invaluable resource (developed by leading chemoinformaticians and chemical educators) for you to use and access if you are teaching a chemoinformatics class at any level.

Here is an outline and links to the various modules:

Rachelle Bienstock, CINF Chair

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