CINF 2016 Data Summit at the 251st ACS Meeting in San Diego

251st ACS Meeting - Computers in Chemistry

The ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF) is delighted to announce our first ever Data Summit at the upcoming 251st ACS National Meeting in San Diego! The theme, “Computers in Chemistry”, is fitting for this action-packed lineup consisting of FIVE FULL DAYS of symposia focusing on core chemical information mainstays, data standards, knowledge representation, national and international initiatives aimed at defining policy and infrastructure, and more.

The CINF 2016 Data Summit is one track of CINF programming with a special Wednesday night reception! The reception will be a gathering of all participants across the various sectors - don’t miss this opportunity to meet and engage other professionals with a data focus. Sign up at

The data summit consists of three symposia across all five days of the meeting March 13-17, 2016:

Tomayto vs. Tomahto: Overcoming Incompatibilities in Scientific Data: Kicks off the data summit with a single session Sunday morning focusing on current challenges and developments in overcoming data incompatibilities. Related topics include incompatibility caused by hardware and software, the importance of industry standards for scientific data; curating scientific databases to remove incorrect data points and duplicates; open source vs. proprietary; collaboration within the scientific community in dealing with data compatibility etc.

Speaker List

Global Initiatives in Research Data Management & Discovery: Three sessions Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon exploring long-term preservation, discovery, sharing, and interoperability of research data.

  • Sunday afternoon: The Global Landscape (Speaker List)
  • Monday morning: The Role of Community & Standards (Speaker List)
  • Monday afternoon: Technical Infrastructures Enabling Cultural Shifts (Speaker List)

Chemistry, Data, & the Semantic Web: An Important Triple to Advance Science: Six sessions Tuesday through Thursday with over 40 speakers from across the academic, industrial, and government sectors. Knowledge representation of chemistry-related information is difficult and nuanced. Advancements and prospects for future improvements will be explored in the various sessions.

  • Tuesday morning: Chemical Classification (Speaker List)
  • Tuesday afternoon: Chemical Information (Speaker List)
  • Wednesday morning: Informatics Application (Speaker List)
  • Wednesday afternoon: Knowledge Representation Evolution (Speaker List)
  • Thursday morning: Informatics Evolution & Use (Speaker List)
  • Thursday afternoon: Ontology Evolution & Use (Speaker List)
See you there!

Please contact us with any questions:

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