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ACS CINF Available Positions and Candidate Statements

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NOTE: The candidate names are listed alphabetically by first name within each position.


Chair-Elect (Chair-Elect 2017, Division Chair 2018, Past Chair 2019):


Treasurer (Term 2017-2018):


Councilor (Term 2017-2019):


Candidates for Chair-Elect

Erin Davis

Dr. Erin Davis has been on fire for cheminformatics since she first discovered it as an undergraduate researcher in a drug discovery research unit. Her BS in Organic Chemistry was heavily geared towards computational chemistry, followed by a PhD from the University of Montana in computational chemistry. This research worked towards defining new mechanisms for differentiating specificity of similar monoamine reuptake transporter systems (SERT, NET). A postdoc followed suit with a successful run in computationally designing and refining lead agents for inhibition of dihydrofolate reductase - the target for a variety of chemotherapeutic, antiparasitic, and antibacterial agents. From there, she returned to the bench for a year of microbiology research geared towards antibiotic design and resistance investigation. But she missed cheminformatics too much, and returned to the keyboard in 2009 to knit together the research of various glutamate based groups in the Core Lab for Neuromolecular Production at the University of Montana.

In 2011 Erin shifted to commercial industry, to drive consulting for ChemAxon in the US, eventually leading US consulting operations. This position involved a bit of everything, covering the wide range of tools, science, and a lot of creativity in the pharmaceutical industry. This tied into an additional position as business analyst for product development, and being a member of a small executive steering committee to help oversee the business line.

At the tail end of 2014, Erin left ChemAxon to take a stake in a small company, to help with the consulting operation and project management, as well as develop the business aspects. In 2015 she joined the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre as Scientific Relations Manager, to help develop relations and better connect with the North American pharmaceutical industry.

Erin immensely enjoyed her stint as CINF Program Chair in 2014-2016, and continues to stay involved with the programming evolution and experimentation. The program is our greatest exposure to the outside world, and reflects upon our interests and community involvement. This has been an invaluable experience the critical importance of all the aspects of chemical information, especially working closely with the chemistry librarians and educators. She was elected to chair-elect in 2015, and looks forward to better connecting with CINF members to help add to the value of the division.

Statement of Goals:

CINF is uniquely poised within ACS - chemical information is becoming more and more critical to research and development across all other divisions. They all rely on chemical information in some form or another. As the various fields rapidly progress, we have an opportunity to become more involved with other divisions, bringing our collective expertise and experience to assist and collaborate. I would like to see CINF’s impact broaden with more collaborative symposia, projects, events, publishing, and fundraising. Refining CINF’s mission in light of the rapidly evolving informatics era is important in order to stay abreast of not only modern tech and research, but the demands on data access and data analysis. Broadening cross-divisional relationships are not just for programming, but also for education, outreach, publishing, membership, vendor relations, and awareness. It all ties together to helping CINF grow and benefit the members of ACS by further defining and then enriching the value of a CINF membership.

I am running for chair again because I believe the greatest contribution can come from longer terms. My experience as CINF Program Chair drilled this home – with National Meetings only twice a year, it takes quite a while to really learn the ins and outs. I felt my quality of service was at its best after a few National Meetings to know the people, process, and connect connect with the rest of CINF.

Candidates for Treasurer

Rob McFarland

Rob McFarland is currently the Chemistry Librarian and Senior Engineering Librarian for Collections at Washington University in St. Louis. Rob’s responsibilities include oversight of the Chemistry Library as well as development and management of the collections in chemistry and thirteen departments comprising the School of Engineering and Computer Science. His education includes B.A. and M.S. in Biology from the University of Kansas and University of Missouri respectively, an M.S. in Hearing Science/Audiology from the University of Kansas, and M.S. in Library and Information Science and Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Missouri.

Rob has been a member of the American Chemical Society since 1998 and has been active in CINF since 1999. Rob is the current Treasurer of CINF having served since 2012. In the past, Rob has been involved in various activities of the Education Committee, conducting the “Teaching Chemical Information Workshop”, and serving as liaison between CINF and the ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT). Rob has served on advisory boards for both Chemical Abstracts Service and ACS Publications as well as John Wiley & Sons. Other professional activities include membership in SLA including the Chemistry and SciTech Divisions.

Statement of Goals:

I look forward to the opportunity to continue as the Treasurer of CINF and the associated involvement in CINF governance. I see the role of Treasurer as playing an integral role in funding the various activities of the Chemical Information Division of ACS. Staying within budget, maintaining accurate records and communicating the state of the Division’s finances and annual budget to the Executive Committee will be the highest of priorities. I feel I have the requisite organizational and communication skills this position demands. I am excited for the chance to continue to be involved in the Division’s governance and will take the position of Treasurer very seriously. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidates for Councilor

Jeremy Garritano

Jeremy R. Garritano is currently Research Librarian for Sciences and Engineering at the University of Virginia where he is liaison to the departments of chemistry, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and mechanical & aerospace engineering. He has presented numerous times at ACS National Meetings and has written articles on chemical information literacy and on data services in academic libraries. He is an Alternate Councilor for CINF.

Previously he was Life Sciences / Research Data Librarian at the White Memorial Chemistry Library at the University of Maryland. From 2004-2014, he was Chemical Information Specialist and Associate Professor of Library Science at the M.G. Mellon Library of Chemistry, Purdue University, where he was responsible for collection management, information literacy instruction, and supporting interdisciplinary research, as well as having responsibility for teaching a required one-credit chemical information course for undergraduate ACS Chemistry majors.

Jeremy earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and a Master's in Library Science from Indiana University. Previous positions include Science Reference/Liaison Librarian at George Mason University and Visiting Science Librarian at Earlham College.

He has been a member of the ACS and the Division of Chemical Information since 2003 and has participated in many activities within the organization. He was a member of the 2006 Strategic Planning Committee. He co-taught the CINF workshop “Incorporating Chemical Information Literacy into Your Curriculum: A Workshop for Faculty and Librarians” in 2007. He has co-organized two symposia for National Meetings and one symposia at a Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE). He was the Teller for the 2004 and the 2008 CINF Elections. He was a member of the CINF Education Committee from 2005-2009 and served as Chair of that Committee for 2009-2010. He served as CINF Programming Chair from 2011-2012. Finally, since 2013, he has been an Associate Member of the ACS Society Committee on Education, where he has helped provide feedback on how the Society as a whole should approach chemical education, including programming, support, services, and policy.

Statement of Goals

A Division Councilor works for you, the members of the Division, and I hope my experience and collegiality would instill confidence that I can effectively represent the diverse perspectives that can be found within our Division.

As your Councilor, I would hope to encourage a broader conversation on Council issues. I think more CINF members should be aware of what Councilors are asked to discuss and vote on, and I would work with my fellow Councilors to solicit feedback from a variety of venues such as CHMINF-L. I welcome the chance to represent the members of CINF by being elected one of your Councilors.

Svetlana Korolev

Svetlana Korolev earned a University Diploma in chemistry from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, and an Master’s of Science in library and information science from Wayne State University, Michigan, United States. She is currently a senior science librarian at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee with liaison delegation to the departments of chemistry, geosciences, physics, mathematics, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and School of Freshwater Sciences. Keeping abreast of scholarly communication trends, she reached out to a new data services team under the leadership of Kristin Briney (an interview in Chemical Information Bulletin, Winter 2013,

Svetlana joined the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) as a student seeking out opportunities for professional growth, networking, and service. She was a recipient of the Lucille M. Wert Scholarship in 1998, and, consequently, became a member of the CINF Awards committee in 2003 with continuing service as assistant chair 2006-08. Next, she was elected as the CINF secretary for two consequent terms 2004-05 and 2006-07, and then as the CINF chair-elect 2008, chair 2009, past-chair/nominating chair 2010. As officer, Svetlana took leadership for several initiatives benefiting the division. Notable examples include submitting two nominations for the ACS ChemLuminary Award in 2005 and 2007, increasing the financial pool via two ACS innovative project grants in 2008 and 2009, coordinating additional funding via ACS Corporation Associates in 2010, and submitting several nominations for the CINF Meritorious Service Award. During the conversion of the former CINF E-news to Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB) in the summer of 2010, Svetlana stepped up to be an editor compiling the first post-conference issue of e-CIB. Over the past six years she published 12 issues focusing on the divisional activities at national meetings with the expanding coverage of CINF technical program highlights, symposium write-ups, interviews with CINF functionaries, book reviews with seminal anniversaries, ACS council committee overviews with the division representatives on them, and other conference highlights with relations to CINF. Last summer Svetlana was elected as CINF councilor 2016 and then appointed as associate member to the ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws.

Statement of Goals:

Throughout my experience in the CINF office and in the CIB editorship, I have learned great deal about the governance of the division and the Society. With my passion for supporting the CINF mission, I would like to advocate for its values, strengths, and growth venues to the ACS Council beyond the initial one-year term. In 2016 I got involved in the ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, which concerns with reviewing petitions, unit bylaws, and other guideline documents of the Society, and that enabled me to make useful communications for our division. If elected, I would like to become a full member with voting privilege on the committee next year. I am looking forward to an excellent opportunity to be involved in ACS at the national level through the Council advisory role and, in turn, to communicate its agenda and discussion to the CINF members in precise and timely manner.

Suman Sirimulla

Dr. Suman Sirimulla is an Asst. Professor of Chemistry at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, with a PhD degree in Computational Chemistry from University of Texas at El Paso, where he also attained a M.S degree in Chemistry. He acquired B.Pharmacy from J.S.S College of pharmacy, Mysore, India. Prior to joining St. Louis College of Pharmacy, he was a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Northern Arizona University. He is an active member of ACS and CINF section. He previously served as a chair for Central Arizona section of ACS. Dr. Sirimulla pursues research actively in the field of Cheminformatics and Computational Chemistry. His areas of expertise include data mining, molecular modeling, protein-ligand docking, structure guided drug design, development of scoring functions, Quantitative structure-activity relationships of biologically active compounds, and evaluating the role of non-classical intermolecular interactions in drug design.

Statement of Goals:

I ask for your support to serve as Councilor for the CINF Section of the ACS. I am an active member of ACS and CINF section. I attend and present at ACS national meetings regularly and actively involved in CINF programming. I had previously served on the executive committee as a chair of the central Arizona section of ACS. I enjoy interacting and working with many dedicated members from various institutions, industry and government labs. I am interested in working with the ACS chemical educators to further strengthen chemical information. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as Councilor for the CINF Section.

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