CINF 2019 Elections Candidate Statements

CINF 2019 Elections - Candidate Statements

ACS CINF Available Positions and Candidate Statements

Your membership in the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) is greatly appreciated. One of the division membership benefits is voting for CINF officers. This year we are electing:

  • Chair-Elect (Chair-Elect 2020, Division Chair 2021, Past Chair 2022)
  • Secretary (2020-2021)

The candidates’ biographies and statements of goals are provided below. Write-in votes are permitted for any of the positions. Election ballots have been sent to email address associated to your ACS account. Ballots must be submitted by August 15, 2019.

Biographies and Statements of Candidates

Candidate for Chair-Elect (Chair-Elect 2020, Division Chair 2021, Past Chair 2022):

Donna Wrublewski

Biography: Dr. Donna Wrublewski has been a Librarian of Chemistry (and Other Things) for almost ten years, the same amount of time she was a graduate student before earning her doctorate in polymer science and engineering. She studied at MIT and UMass Amherst, and worked at the University of Florida and now Caltech. She is a big fan of smart tech that makes people work smarter, not harder, but it is no replacement for actually communicating face to face with people. She is a certified Carpentry Instructor ( and won a Library teaching award while at UF. Also, she does not have an MLIS.

Statement of goals: I've been in CINF almost ten years. I've been on the Executive Committee almost 5, working largely behind the scenes as a Membership Chair to organize our data, coordinate outreach events at national meetings, and brainstorm how to bring value to our membership. These are all common problems across not only CINF, but ACS as a whole, as well as other professional organizations. As Division Chair, I hope to continue the good work of our past leaders, and spearhead infrastructure upgrades to get input from members as to what value they want out of CINF and do our best to deliver it to them. (Also I fixed the website :D )

Candidate for Secretary (2020-2021):

Nick Ruhs

Dr. Nick Ruhs is currently a STEM Research and Learning Librarian at Florida State University (FSU). He is a subject librarian for the Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Scientific Computing departments. He is also the STEM Data Librarian and works closely with faculty and students on topics related to research data management and data literacy. Prior to joining FSU Libraries in January 2018, Nick earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017. Prior to that, he received a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from Quincy University in 2011. Nick has been a member of ACS since 2013, originally as a member of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry. He joined CINF in 2018 and has been actively involved since, currently serving as a member of the Programming and Membership Committees.

Statement of Goals:
Ever since my first presentation at a CINF symposium in 2018, I have been welcomed into the division with open arms. I am grateful for the professional opportunities afforded to me as a member of this community. I wish to give back to the division by becoming more active in governance, working with the other members of the executive committee and the division as CINF moves forward.

I believe that the Secretary serves a critical purpose within the division, by acting as an information point person for the executive committee and division members. This position also plays an active role in conveying the successes and challenges of the division to the American Chemical Society. If provided the opportunity, I will serve CINF as its Secretary by maintaining accurate and thorough records, serving as a resource for the executive committee, and supporting the committee and division in pursuing its broader initiatives.  

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