CINF Best Presentation Award

About the Award

NOTE: This award is no longer being presented

In 2009 the CINF Division received $7,500 seed funding from the ACS Committee on Divisional Activities for an innovative grant proposal - CINF Best Presentation Award. The proposal was aimed at fostering innovative, high-quality programming and recognition of excellence. The “CINF Best Presentation Award” is made to the individual who is selected as giving the best presentation in a specific symposium in the CINF program. The winner is recognized with the "Best Presentation Award" plaque and $1000 check at the CINF Luncheon on Tuesday.


ACS Nat'l Symposium Recipient
#240, Fall 2010
Boston, MA
Drug Intensive Data Design Susan Roberts
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
#239, Spring 2010
San Francisco, CA
Green Chemistry: Multidisciplinary Use of Chemical Information Resources Dr. George Thompson
Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc.
#238, Fall 2009
Washington, DC
Chemical Text Mining and Public Molecular Databases Dr. Colin R Batchelor
Royal Society of Chemistry