CINF Officer Positions Available

The following CINF positions will be open for elections:

Chair-Elect - Two (2) candidates minimum
(Three year term)

The Chair-Elect, Chair, Immediate Past Chair is a 3-year commitment, with varying levels of work and commitment. The Chair-Elect (currently Erin Davis) serves on the Executive Committee and facilitates the work of the Division in the absence of the Chair.  The Chair (currently Rachelle Bienstock) facilitates the work of the Division and is expected to attend the two National meetings during their year.  The Immediate Past Chair serves on the Executive Committee, facilitates any projects that continue from their year as Chair, and serve as the nominating committee for the Division?

Treasurer - Two (2) candidates minimum
(Two year term)

  • Responsible for maintaining and submitting the CINF budget and budget report to ACS.
  • Keeping track of incoming and outgoing funds; bank accounts and deposits.
  • Possibility to train and assist current treasurer to become familiar with position.

Councilor/Alt Councilor slate - Three (3) candidates minimum
(Three year term upgrading from the new one-year term we had last year)

  • Councilor is a 3-year commitment with a requirement to attend the two National Meetings each year from Saturday through Wednesday.
  • Serve on assigned Board Committees and work teams

If you are interested in running for a position or would like to suggest someone else for a position, please contact me. Remember - elected officers are expected to be present at both meetings and there is some division travel funding available to partially cover costs. Please contact me with questions regarding the positions, their roles and obligations...

Rachelle Bienstock, CINF Chair

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