CINF Program Committee meeting agenda, Fall 2013

The CINF Program Committee will hold an open meeting at the fall ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, IN, on Saturday, September 7, 2013, in Room 112 of the Indiana Convention Center, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. Anyone can attend and we encourage diverse perspectives from our membership (academic, industry, vendor, government, etc.) as well as brand new and experienced members, to contribute to programming that most interests you and your peers.

NOTE: People who will not be attending the Program Planning meeting in Indianapolis are free to email programming suggestions for future meetings,(especially if they are interested in chairing a symposium on a specific topic) to the program chair (jgarrita at

The agenda for the Program Committee is:

  1. Review the current CINF Indianapolis Fall 2013 program
  2. Review the CINF Dallas Spring 2014 program and deadline dates
  3. Discussion and review of proposed programs for San Francisco (Fall 2014) and Denver (Spring 2015) Meetings.
    • San Francisco Theme: Chemistry and Global Stewardship
    • Denver Theme: Chemical Resources: Extraction, Refining and Conservation
  4. Begin outlining programs, obtaining suggestions and proposing symposia and chairs to contact for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 meetings.
    • Fall 2015, Boston: A History of Innovation: From Discovery to Application (250th ACS National Meeting)
    • Spring 2016, San Diego: Computers in Chemistry (tentative)
  5. Review membership status of the Program Committee, including suggestions for potential new members.
  6. Conclude and wrap up

Jeremy Garritano
CINF Program Committee Chair, 2013

Erin Bolstad
CINF Program Committee Chair, 2014

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