CINF Symposia #245: CINF Flash call for papers

CINF Flash: 8-minute lightning talks

Organized by: Rajarshi Guha

For the 2013 Spring meeting in New Orleans (April 7-11), CINF will be running a session of lightning talks - short, strictly timed talks. The session does not have a specific topic, however, all talks should be related to cheminformatics and chemical information. One of the key features of this session is that we will not be using the traditional ACS abstract submission system, since that system precludes the inclusion of recent work in the program.

So, since we will be accepting abstracts directly, the expectation is that they be about recent work and developments, rather than rehashes of year-old work. In addition, talks should not be verbal versions of posters submitted for this meeting. Given the short time limits we don't expect great detail - but we are expecting compact and informative presentations.

That's the challenge.


  • Talks should be no longer than 8 minutes in length. At 8 minutes, you will be asked to stop.
  • Use as many slides as you want, as long as you can finish in 8 minutes
  • Talks should not be rehashes of poster presentations
  • Talks will run back to back, and questions & discussion will be held of off until the end

If you haven't participated in these types of talks before here are some suggestions:

  • No more than three slides for a 8 minute talk (but if you can pull of 20 slides in 8 minutes, more power to you)
  • Avoid slides with too much text (and don't paste PDF's of papers!)
  • A single chart per slide and make sure labels are readable at a distance



12:30pm - 2:00pm, Sunday, April 7th, 2013
Submissions run from January 29, 2013to April 5, 2013


Room 350, Morial Convention Center


  • Send in an abstract of about 100 - 120 words to Will need slide decks by April 5, 2013
  • You must be registered for the meeting
  • Note that the usual publication/copyright rules apply
  • We will encourage live blogging and tweets (if we have net access)



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