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Welcome to the CINF Education Committee Web Page!

The primary objective of the committee is to provide educational outreach to chemical information users, of all degrees of experience, in all venues. To this aim we are continuously developing and sponsoring resources for chemical information instruction and training, including:

Thank you to all past and present committee members and consultants who continue these successful contributions. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact us and join our next meeting.


Charge (top)

(from the CINF Procedures Manual, 3.2.8 Education Committee)

Term of Office and Composition

The Committee Chair is appointed by the Division Chair for a term of three years. Other members are appointed by the Committee Chair for three-year terms with the approval of the Division Chair. The Committee Chair may previously have served on the Committee. Members should include representatives from a wide range of chemical information areas, such as chemistry faculty, academic librarians, industrial information specialists, government information specialists, and database producers and vendors.


To provide educational outreach to chemical information users, of all degrees of experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Produce and distribute chemical searching training modules.
  • Organize workshops or tutorials of an educational nature at national or regional ACS meetings.
  • Provide a liaison relationship with information producers and vendors. Help chemical information instructors (in academia, industry, government, etc.) increase the quantity and quality of information instruction.
  • Plan and present a chemical information session at one national ACS meeting a year. The format and content of said session to vary with location and resources.


The Committee (top)

Member Function Tenure
Grace Baysinger
graceb AT
Chair 2019
Judith Currano
judith.currano AT
Assistant Chair 2019
Marion Peters
mpeters AT
Emeritus Member 2019
Christina Keil
Christina.keil AT
Member 2019
Ye Li
yel AT
Member 2019
Leah McEwen
lrm1 AT
Member 2019
Susanne Redalje
curie AT
Member 2019
Teri Vogel
tmvogel AT
Member 2019
Martin Walker
walkerma AT
Member 2019
Donna Wrublewski
dtwrub AT
Member 2019


Timeline for Procedures (top)

Due Date Event Due from Due to Deadline set by
February 1 Deadline for receipt of applications, Lucille Wert Scholarship Award - in the year the award is to be made ACS Members & CINF Awards Committee?   CINF
Late July or Early August; every 2 years Teaching Chemical Information Workshop (at BCCE) CINF Education Chair ACS Members ACS Division of Chemical Education
Sunday of Fall ACS Meeting (usually late August) Teaching Chemical Information Workshop (at Fall ACS Meeting) CINF Education Chair ACS Members CINF


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