History of Harry's Party

ImageHarry's Party is a legendary event taking place twice a year at the ACS National Meetings. A community of scientists, journalists, entrepreneurs, local authorities and other ACS show visitors  from various countries share their knowledge and inside views with each other.

ImageThus, Harry's Party is an important event to hear the latest rumours from the international chemistry information community. For decades the party had been arranged by Harry Allcock, a longtime information professional. Harry's Party was established already in the sixties. Since then the tradition of having an "informal hearsay exchange party" in the evening of the first exhibition day of the ACS shows has recurred for many, many times until Harry Allcock decided to quit because of his retirement.

ImageThe international chemistry information community missed this traditional evening treat till in 2006 the German center for specialiced chemistry information, FIZ CHEMIE, took over the responsibility for the party. The name and the spirit of the event were revived. And at the second "New Harry's Party" during the 233rd ACS National meeting in Chicago Harry Allcock himself visited and granted it to be a worthy resume of his legendary tradition.

Since fall 2013, the sponsor for Harry's Party events has been ACS Publications.




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