Invitation for proposals for a symposium at the March ACS National Meeting in Denver

The CINF Division of the ACS invites proposals for a symposium at the March 22-26 ACS National Meeting in Denver: Defining 'Value' in Scholarly Communications: Evolving Ways of Evaluating Impact on Science
DEADLINE: October 17, 2014
With the shift to digital workflows for online publication, the expansion of research into a worldwide multidisciplinary undertaking, the explosion of research from emerging economies, and greater competition for less funding, we are confronted with a scholarly communication ecosystem that must reevaluate is definitions of “value” and “impact.” This symposium is dedicated to examining questions of value and impact in all aspects of the scholarly communications process, including researcher workflows and evolving technologies, emerging measures of individual and group performance, new ways of disseminating content and alternative forms of outputs, and competing definitions of “value” in emerging versus established markets.
Topics areas to consider are:
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Alternative publishing models
  • Alternative ways of measuring impact
  • Evolving definitions of impact
  • Impact of funder/government mandates
  • Alternative research outputs (data, etc.)
For questions about the symposium or your proposal please feel free to reach out to symposium organizers Teri Vogel (, Sara Rouhi (, and Jeffrey Lancaster ( 
Many thanks,
The symposium organizers:
Teri Vogel, Science & Engineering Librarian, UC San Diego
Sara Rouhi, Product Specialist, Altmetric LLP
Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Columbia University Libraries