Libraries and Institutional Research Evaluation

CINF Symposia #243: Call for Papers

Libraries and Institutional Research Evaluation

Organized by: Andrea Twiss-Brooks & Leah Solla

Submission deadline: Oct. 31, 2011

"...research evaluation (if well designed and implemented) provides the ability to: 1) hold researchers, funding bodies and/or policy-makers better accountable for their action; 2) "steer" research (into a desired direction); 3) "signal" ability (on the part of researchers, for example to show that they are worth funding); and 4) provide input into the research management process (helping to improve strategy definition etc)." **

In this era of intense competition for research dollars, university laboratory facilities, and other resources and services, administrators at academic institutions are increasingly demanding measures to evaluate the impact of research and the value of individual researchers. In order to demonstrate value for research dollars spent, various approaches and measures are being proposed and promoted, and the research community is often turning to the library to help collect the information and data that are used in these approaches. Increasingly, we must all understand the principles of return on investment (ROI), h-index, impact factors, outcomes assessment, and other techniques.

This session will provide a forum for investigating various methods and tools for providing assessment of research and researcher impact, learning about initiatives for reliably identifying researchers and their institutions, and an opportunity to discuss the role of the library in the broader context of this assessment process.

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**Brutscher, Philipp-Bastian, Steven Wooding, and Jonathan Grant. (2008) Health Research Evaluation Frameworks: An International Comparison. RAND Europe Technical Report. (pdf)

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