CINF Historical Information - Pioneers

Pioneers of Information Science in North America

  • ASIS (American Society for Information Science) sponsored a project called "Pioneers of Information Science in North America", the results of which are described in detail at
  • Among the "Organizations Involved in Information Science", the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) has been specifically identified and has there its own web page which describes CINF's charter, mission, activities, awards, and the archival material.

The following individual pioneers in chemical (scientific) information science, who at one time or another were CINF functionaries, speakers, symposia organizers, or Herman Skolnik Award winners, were identified within that project:

  • Baker, Dale B.
  • Borko, Harold
  • Crane, Evan J.
  • Cuadra, Carlos A.
  • Day, Melvin S.
  • Elias, Arthur W.
  • Garfield, Eugene
  • Henderson (Berry), Madeline M.
  • Herner, Mary
  • Herner, Saul
  • Heumann, Karl F.
  • Jackson, Eugene B.
  • Kent, Allen
  • Kilgour, Frederick G.
  • King, Donald W.
  • Lamb, Arthur B.
  • Lide, David R.
  • Luhn, Hans Peter
  • Mooers, Calvin N.
  • Murdock, John W.
  • Patterson, Austin M.
  • Perry, James W.
  • Salton, Gerard
  • Sewell, Winifred
  • Skolnik, Herman
  • Summit, Roger K.
  • Tate, Fred A.
  • Taube, Mortimer
  • Taylor, Robert S.
  • Touloukian, Yeram S.
  • Vladutz, George E.
  • Wiswesser, William J.