Microsoft SharePoint

Current CINF Functionaries have web-based team services and sites to Microsoft Office System and other desktop programs. These services facilitate development and marketing of Division-related business and publications.

Windows SharePoint Services:

  • enables users to locate distributed information quickly and efficiently, as well as connect to and work with others more productively.
  • includes IT resources such as portals, team workspaces, e-mail, presence awareness, and Web-based conferencing

The following accounts have been established:

Account: Committee Chair
audit AT Jody Kempf
awards AT Phil J. McHale
careers AT Patricia Meindl
chair AT Gregory M. Banik
councilor AT Bonnie Lawlor
education AT  
fundraising AT  
membership AT Jan Carver
nominating AT  
procedures AT Susanne Redalje
program AT Rachelle Bienstock
publications AT William G. Town
secretary AT Leah R. Solla
stratplan AT Pamela J. Scott
treasurer AT Meghan Lafferty
webmaster AT Danielle Dennie


  • If you are a member of a committee and need to collaborate on a project, please see your committee chair for access.
  • If you are a(n alternate) councilor, then one general account is established for you all, under the contact listed in the table above.
  • If you are a current CINF functionary and are unfamiliar with SharePoint access and use, please contact the Webmaster for further instructions.

Please note:

Microsoft has designed SharePoint to be user-friendly and intuitively obvious. Their On-line help screens and tutorials provide additional support for the novice.

If you need additional instruction in using SharePoint, the webmaster can work with our Education Committee to provide this assistance or materials. SharePoint is currently used by many industries and is an industry standard for collaborative computing in the workplace.

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