Spring 2014 Chemical Information Bulletin now available

The latest edition of the ACS Chemical Information Bulletin (Spring 2014, vol 66. Issue 1) has just been released. This is the pre-conference issue. Enjoy, and many thanks for reading!

You may view the new CIB online here:

There is also a PDF version available here:

In this issue you will find…

  • Message from the Chair
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Letter from the Assistant Editor
  • ACS CINF Social Networking and Business Events at the Spring 2014 ACS Meeting
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Career Resources — Plant Your Chemical Career Now by Lisa M. Balbes
  • Book Reviews by Svetla Baykoucheva and Bob Buntrock
  • CINF Reader Submitted Chemical Information Topics of Interest — Bob Buntrock and Tina Qin
  • Notes From Our Sponsors
  • Spring 2014 ACS CINF and Cosponsored Symposia Technical Program
  • Spring 2014 ACS CINF Abstracts
  • 2014 CINF Officers and Functionaries
  • Future ACS Meetings


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