Systems chemical biology and other "systems" approaches in chemistry and biology research

CINF Symposia #243: Call for Papers

Systems chemical biology and other "systems" approaches in chemistry and biology research

Organized by: Tudor Oprea & Jan Kuras

Submission deadline: Oct. 31, 2011

We are accepting submission of abstracts for consideration for an ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF) Symposium on systems-based approaches in chemistry and biology research.

A systems approach to science aims to study complex networks rather than isolated entities. This goal of this symposium is to review recent developments in systems chemical biology, systems biology and systems chemistry, and examine links between them.

In systems biology large networks describing the regulation of entire genomes, metabolic pathways and signal transduction pathways are analyzed in their totality at different levels of biological organization. The development of cheminformatics tools that can integrate chemical knowledge with this biological data has created an interest in systems chemical biology. Systems chemistry provides another new research area moving beyond single molecular entities to multi-component, multi-functional chemical systems to create new functions from molecular components at different hierarchical levels or via molecular networks with emergent properties. The development of these integrated systems-based approaches could improve our understanding of complex chemical and biological networks in areas as diverse as drug discovery and materials science.

Presentations will be 25-30 minutes, including time for questions. The deadline for submitting an abstract for consideration is October 31, 2011. Abstracts may be submitted via:

Please contact the co-organizers if you have any questions or to discuss a paper: Tudor Oprea, Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of New Mexico ( Jan Kuras, Journal Publisher, Chemistry Central (