Webinar: Content Usage and Licensing at Work

Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Time: 11 am US/EST
Title: Content Usage and Licensing at Work using resoruces through the Copyright Clearance Center
Speaker: Stephen Garfield 

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Note: Due to copyright restrictions, the slides for this presentation cannot be posted.  View CCC’s video “Copyright Is”

Stephen Garfield will present a webinar on resources available through the Copyright Clearance Center at the next Division of Chemical Information Webinar on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 11 am US/ESTThe webinar will center on Content Usage and Licensing at Work.  Today employees, more than ever before, are accessing and sharing content through a variety of methods. Valuable information is easily accessible and employees enjoy ubiquitous access to copyright protected materials as a part of their everyday work life. Awareness of how this content is being shared and licensing options for its reuse are important factors in making educated decisions around the use of copyright protected materials.  The session will feature:

Stephen Garfield joined CCC in 2005 and is the Director of Account Management. In this role, he has the dual responsibility for the annual renewal of academic and corporate licenses, as well as overseeing strategic account management plans.  This is designed to help companies and academic institutions educate their employees and/or students on copyright law and the benefits of the CCC license.

Prior to joining CCC, Stephen spent eight years at Dow Jones as the Regional Manager, New England and eastern Canada, of The Wall Street Journal, and 13 years at McGraw-Hill publishing working on Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.

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Before the starting time of the meeting, please check to ensure you can properly connect.  You can enter the room anytime from now until the meeting time.  Adobeconnect can be slow to initially load, but once you get in you should be able to see an introductory slide on the Copyright Clearance Center and the speaker icon at the top left of your screen should be green.  If you encounter any difficulties please contact Belinda Hurley (contact info below).

For those unable to attend, all webinars are archived and can be accessed for future viewing at /content/webinars.  Suggestions for future webinars are always welcome. 

  • Content usage today
  • Types and frequency of content shared
  • Licensing options
  • How collective licensing works
  • Global considerations and much more...

We hope you will be able to join us for this presentation
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