Webinar: Trends in Data Sharing

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Time: 11 am US/EDT
Title: Trends in Data Sharing
Speaker: Cathy Giffi

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Cathy Giffi, John Wiley & Sons, will present a webinar on Trends in Data Sharing on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 11 am US/Eastern Daylight Time.

In 2014, Wiley invited several hundred thousand researchers to participate in a large scale survey on data sharing. The goal of the research was to identify the what/where/how/why behind researcher data sharing currently, and the barriers that are keeping researchers from sharing. This session will explore the results of that study with a particular emphasis on results received from the chemistry community. 
Catherine [Cathy] Giffi is Director, Strategic Market Analysis, for Wiley. She advises senior leaders in the publishing community on how to better meet the needs of librarians, societies, and the research community. In her seven years with Wiley she has built up a formidable primary market research function that has produced groundbreaking studies on Open Access, Data Sharing, Society Membership Benefits, Peer Review, Patron Driven Acquisition, and many others. Prior to Wiley, she held various marketing roles with Oxford University Press, VOGUE magazine, and the Sundance Film Festival. A frequent speaker and author on issues impacting scholarly publishing, Cathy has 15 years of experience in marketing and market research. She holds Bachelors degrees in English and Communication from the University at Buffalo, and a Masters degree in Publishing from New York University (thesis: Library and Publisher Relations). 
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