Publications Committee

Here is a draft agenda for our meeting on Saturday - let me know if you would like to add or change anything. As far as I am aware, there will be four committee members at the SLC meeting (Svetla, Graham, Judy and myself) and possibly Dave, Svetlana and Carmen.

I know that one of the meeting rooms has a conference phone so if you are unable to come but willing to join the meeting by phone, please let me know the number on which we can call you on Saturday. I can't guarantee that we can do this but, even if it is not possible, it would be good to be able to call you to get your input.
BTW I will be travelling to Denver tomorrow and arriving in SLC on Friday.


Draft Agenda

bulletCommittee membership
bulletAssistant Chair for the committee
bulletlast issue
bulletplanning for the next issue (last print issue)
bulletCINF E-News
bulletlast issue
bulletnext issue
bulletFuture of CIB/CINF E-News
bulletfeedback from Long Range Planning meeting
bulletmaking the transition to a fully electronic publication (who, what, where, when)
bulletadvertising in the electronic editions
bulletCINF website
bulletFuture of the CIB Digital Archive
bulletfeedback from Long Range Planning meeting