Agenda: CINF Executive Committee Meeting

American Chemical Society’s Division of chemical Information (CINF)
Saturday, August 21, 2010
156A, Boston Convention and Exposition Center, Boston, MA
  1. Introductions
  2. Division Business
    1. Approve minutes from Spring 2010 meeting in San Francisco, CA
    2. Announcements of Election Results
    3. Electronic balloting and voting: report of 2010 & recommendations for 2011 ( Leah Solla)
    4. Innovation Grant Updates
    5. CINF-CIC Collaborative working group (Grace Baysinger/Guenter Grethe)
    6. CIB redesign (Bill Town)
    7. CINF Best Presentation award update (Rajarshi Guha)
    8. Lightning session – “live” coverage (Carmen Nitsche)
  3. InChI Trust updated (Guest speaker – Stephen Heller)
    In SF we decided to formally review the opportunity and make a decision. Steve can give us the needed background and answer our questions. We can then review and decide later in this meeting.
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Awards (Phil McHale)
    2. Careers (Patricia Meindl)
    3. Council (Andrea Twiss-Brooks & Bonnie Lawlor)
    4. Education (Jeremy Garritano)
    5. Finance/Treasurer (Meghan Lafferty)
    6. Fundraising (Graham Douglas)
    7. Membership ( Jan Carver)
    8. Nominating Committee (Svetlana Korolev)
    9. Program Committee (Rajarshi Guha)
    10. Communications & Publications Committee (Bill Town)
    11. Bylaws and Procedures Manual (Susanne Redalje)
  5. Other
    1. Discussion on CNF joining InCHI trust as advisory members
    2. Division Open Meeting agenda/topics
    3. MPPG update (Guenter Grethe)
    4. The ACS Board–Presidential Task Force on Society Services and Associated Dues Pricing Models – request for input on dues
      bulletWhat issues do you have around ACS dues, pricing models, dues categories and/or benefits?
      bulletWhat are your proposed solutions around each issue?
    5. Other New Business